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Halle Berry may be reeling from her third divorce, but she’s still Halle Berry and she’s got to go to work. This week, she appeared at a special Black Women Of Bond event sponsored by Essence Magazine and at a benefit for the Jenesse Center, the battered women’s shelter she’s been associated with for years. When asked how she was feeling in light of her latest divorce, Berry told Extra she’s hanging in there. See the video below:

The 49-year-old sexy Hollywood icon is ready to celebrate her 50th birthday in August. “I am not going to be defined by that number. Yeah, it’s coming. Yeah, so what? I am not going to be defined by that 5-0.”  Berry and her husband Oliver Martinez married in France in 2013 after a three year courtship. The two share a 2-year-old son, Maceo.

Though it has been reported that one of the issues in the relationship was Martinez’ desire to return to his native France (Berry has to be based in California due to the custody arrangement with her ex and daughter’s father Gabriel Aubry) other reports say the actor has no plans to move abroad and is seeking joint custody of his son.

Another sticking point in the marriage may have been Martinez’ stalled career – since moving to America full-time, he’s worked sporadically. Berry has a movie coming out next year and is working on a legal drama for CBS after her first TV show Extant was cancelled by the network after two seasons.

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2 thoughts on “Halle Berry: “I’m Doing OK” [WATCH]

  1. 50 is a number. I you look good and feel good, that is what matters. Today it seems that 20 years are looking older than 50 and 40 years olds. Man made that rule about what people should do and feel at 50, NOT GOD. Halle, you will be fine, there are plenty of men who still want you. Just take your time and get yourself together FIRST.

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