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Legendary crooner Howard Hewett is performing at the Magic City Classic in Birmingham, Alabama. He talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about the infamous rift between he and Jody Watley and their hit group Shalamar.


Who owns the name Shalamar?

“Right now the whole thing is in dispute. Jody went to go apply for the name, but she did it illegally. Dick Griffey passed it on to Carolyn.”

Could they still work together today?

“We don’t have to like each other to make money. The only thing I have to do is, I have to trust you. That would be a great thing. To sit down and to talk face to face. You can’t be mad all these years. It’s been over 30 years.”

Click the link above to hear the entire interview.

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(Photo Source: Howard Hewitt Instagram)

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5 thoughts on “Howard Hewett Talks Rift With Jody Watley, Possible Shalamar Reunion?

  1. If Jody trying to buy the name by herself, that would be foul if she did buy the name behind Howard & Jefferey’s back. There were three members of Shalamar, Howard, Jefferey & Jody. She buying the name to be petty and punish Howard & Jefferey. She hads the biggest solo career, The Grammys & the hits, Jody better let this one go or karma will hit her hard.

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  3. This is unprofessional in every sense of the word. The fact that this bog would post such incendiary hogwash without fact checking. Watley applied for the trademark and Howard with no business sense along with Carolyn and Jeffrey had no idea, even though the process calls for the application to be made public. They were too preoccupied with presenting Carolyn to audiences as Jody Watley, something concert goers found quite offensive, and in fact that WAS illegal. Tom Joyner your reputation has taken a hit, how could you print such libel and uphold such slander and continue to broadcast it?? Arent you about lifting the African American community up?I hope Jody Watley sues you your organisation and Howard.

  4. Lousy reporting. Get Jody on the show to tell her story. There were several replacements after Jody left. The Shalamar trademark was available and Jody is now the owner of her legacy. Howard needs the money and publicity. The truth will come up if he is not careful.

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