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Inquiring minds want to know and so entertainment associate, Cherise “CNikky” Nicole went and found out.

CNikky got the goods on Miles, the gay dman on “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.” It’s especially timely, for those who care, because on this week’s show he comes out to his ex-girlfriend.


And then there is a special called “Out In Hip Hop” airing on VH1 with hip hop artists and pastors debating homosexuality in the genre right after “L&HH:H.”


What’s going on with you and your boyfriend Milan?

“I feel like, since it is the first same sex relationship on Love and Hip Hop between two males, we have this red light under us and this microscope on our relationship and it’s hard, you know what I mean? We’re like every other relationship, you know what I mean? We fight, we argue, we break up to make up. And all that other stuff, so it’s just been hard. We’ve been riding this rollercoaster since the show has aired. You know we’re dealing with it, we’re moving forward.”

As of today are you together?

“Today, we are working on keeping things together! Today we are pushing things together! Like, no we’re not letting go. We’re fighting, but, I’m making it work.”

If you’re a “Gay” rapper, why do you rap about women?

“I think even on the Out in Hip Hop special you’ll see the controversy between the two. Because, you’ll have rappers in the LGBT community who consider themselves, Gay rappers. They rap, for the community. I don’t consider myself a Gay rapper. I’m a rapper who is not afraid to say who he lies with or who he is. I’m a free rapper. I get in the booth, I write and that’s bad. It is what it is.”

What do you think about Dej Loaf and her girlfriend’s situation? Should she come out as well?

“You know what? I can relate to that because everyone needs to be comfortable in their own time. You know what I mean? Just because you ready right now, doesn’t mean I’m ready right now. It’s a process for everybody. If she ain’t ready, she ain’t ready. If she is, she is. Don’t force nobody to do nothing though.”

Did God tell you to come out on this show?

“It was definitely God that told me to do this, but I still had my reservations. ”

How has being religious affected your decision to come out?

“This is why I’m 27 and barely coming forth with this. It was being raised in the church and being a pastor to the youth at one point in my life that has definitely kept my feelings in for so long. Trying to figure out who I am, why I have these feelings. If I’ve always been taught my entire life that this is wrong. To lie with another man is an abomination. Or a woman lying with another woman is an abomination. How can I ever be secure and happy with myself if I’ve always been taught that was wrong? I’s been a rollercoaster ride. But, I know that I’m helping people.”

Was there a time, when your life was so dark, you considered suicide?

“There was a time when I was just driving down the freeway and I was just thinking, praying and talking to God. Just not understanding why I felt like this, why I had these feelings? What’s wrong with me? Am I a bad person? It says in the Bible that people that have these feelings and act on them go to Hell. And so, I was like, what’s wrong with me? I don’t do anything? I don’t hurt anybody. I’m a good man. Why do I have these feelings? And I just pulled over because I was ready to drive off the road. And I just sat there and prayed.

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(Photo Source: Vh1/Video Source: CNikky Youtube)