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Gospel superstar Kirk Franklin is back with his 11th album, Losing My Religion. He talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about Christianity, feeling invisible growing up and he finally gets back at Tom and J. Anthony Brown for all those short jokes.

When did he know music was going to work?

“I saw people’s reaction to me on the piano. It’s like, before I was on the piano, I was invisible. When I got on the piano people paid attention. And then the gift of songwriting really started to grow on me and people really started liking my songs.”

Religion vs. a relationship with God

“I believe that religion is genesis. It’s a system of beliefs that man has made to be to define who God is. And in that it ends up controlling people and ends up becoming a system where people can ever really found out where they’ve d one enough. Religion throughout the years has become a very  oppressive thing that doesn’t allow people to get to know the God that was created to lead them to…religion doesn’t guarantee relationship.”

Being scared to release a new album:

“It’s always pride because one thing I learned is fear is a form of pride. Fear has to do with self. You get so used to the response of songs that’ you don’t know. You never know if you’re going to do a song that’s going to connect. And then when you do it for so long you don’t know if people still want to hear it.”

On the popularity of his signature sound:

“I’m grateful to inspire other people. If somebody is doing something…I’m very thankful for that.”

Click here to pre-order Losing My Religion and watch a sneak peek of Kirk in the studio below.

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