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You may remember WNBA player Glory Johnson’s brief marriage to WNBA player Brittney Griner. The two were first involved in a domestic violence altercation at Griner’s Phoenix home, then got married and then separated, with Griner seeking and annulment.

Then Johnson announced her pregnancy, with twins she said that she and Griner decided on bringing into the world together. Well, Johnson announced via Instagram that those twins are here and that she’s now the proud mother of baby girls Simone and Solei who arrived 3 months early.

Griner, who is overseas playing with USA Basketball has yet responded to the births nor is it known if she will bear any financial responsibility for the children.

Griner and Johnson in happier times:


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4 thoughts on “WNBA Player Glory Johnson Delivers Twins Prematurely

  1. Oh yeah Champ, I did see that they signed legal guardianship, and I was under the understanding that the eggs supplied was from the both of them, of course along with a donor sperm. So it will be interesting if they do the DNA test, what percentage of the twins belong to each of the mothers.

      • Timothy Green on said:

        Apparently Mr Knowledge my understanding is that she signed documentation accepting legal guardianship of the children, so in the eyes of the court theyre her kids … champ

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