Bye, Felicia. Well, in this case, it’s Bye, Glory as WNBA star Brittney Griner got some good news today in her divorce battle. The two WNBA players married earlier this year, just days after a fight that led to a suspension for Griner. Though the marriage lasted just a month, Johnson, who is now pregnant with twins she says the two agreed on having via in-vitro surgery, asked for alimony and for Griner to continue making payments on her Mercedes. But today a Phoenix judge said ‘Nope.’

Arizona’s ABC 15 reports: 

On August 17, Johnson sought $20,000 a month after her 28-day marriage ended with Phoenix Mercury player Brittney Griner.

Johnson’s request was denied on Thursday morning.

In court, Johnson’s lawyers argued because she’s pregnant with twins, via an IVF procedure she underwent while still with Griner, her doctor won’t clear her to play basketball so she won’t get paid.

Appearing by phone, Johnson said she’s already in debt.

She’s asking $7,000 a month for her food budget and $6,000 for hired help and the rest to live on.

“When I go to the grocery store I literally spend $300 every week, sometimes it’s less because I don’t have it,” Johnson testified.

On paper Griner will make about $1 million this year but says she has expenses too.

“Even with your contract with Nike and your WNBA contract would you be able to pay $20,000 a month?” asked Griner’s lawyer, “No.” Griner responded flatly.

David Michael Cantor, Attorney for Brittney Griner said, “We are very pleased that the judge has ruled, after evaluating the credibility of the testimony, that a 28 day marriage does not entitle Glory Johnson to Brittney Griner’s money for purposes of alimony, Mercedes car payments or attorney’s fees.”

Griner hasn’t spoken to the media about the case but did post this pic to her Instagram:

Griner reposted this subliminal IG a few days ago:

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