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Dr. Dre has gotten another woman upset.

We all know the issues former girlfriend Michel’le and TV host Dee Barnes have with him for beating on them.

Now we’re hearing from another woman who’s had a bad experience with the Doctor. His former housekeeper, Raquel Sagustume, is taking him to court over what she describes as a horrific experience working at his home during a 13-month time period.

According to Sagustume, two of Dre’s other staffers, who happen to be female cousins, felt threatened by Sagustume’s level of competence at her job. She claimed that they kept delegating their work to her and that she suffered physical strain because of it, describing a “burning pain” in her neck, back and arms.

Sagustume says the work environment was filled with bullying and harassment and was so toxic that she developed severe anxiety that was so bad that she ended up hospitalized during a panic attack in which she could not breathe.

Oh yeah, while she was still hospitalized, Sagustume said, she received notice that her job had been terminated.

So now, as far as Sagustume is concerned, Dr. Dre must pay. She’s filing a suit against him and his wife, Nicole Young, for failing to prevent the harassment. She is also seeking punitive damages, saying that she still suffers from anxiety, depression and stress.

And it gets even more interesting. That’s because Sagustume, who made an incredible $1,870 per week, says she’s not been properly compensated for her work, citing unpaid overtime as well as missed meals and earned vacation.

source: NY Daily News

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6 thoughts on “Dr. Dre’s Former Housekeeper Sues Him Over Toxic Workplace Environment

  1. Timekeeeper on said:

    You all are both on point! She obviously has seen these recent negative articles about Dr. Dre and in her mind, ” sees sharks circling in the water” mentality. In other words thinks she can now take advantage of the bad pub and turn it into some $$$ for herself.

  2. Timothy Green on said:

    DR DRE IS SOOO EVIL HE WAS ONLY PAYING THIS POOR WOMAN $100K A YEAR!!!!! How could anyone survive on those kind of slave wages!!!

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