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As Lamar Odom hovers between life and death in a Los Angeles hospital, his wife, Khloe Kardashian is by his side. Despite divorce papers being signed, they have not been finalized. Weeks before he went into a coma in a Las Vegas brothel, Odom gave an interview to TMZ, which was published on BAW. But a longer version of that clip includes more about his relationship with Khloe Kardashian, including his take on the now infamous “Soul Cycle” incident over the summer.

If you remember, Odom showed up at Khloe’s early morning class at the Los Angeles site of the popular stationary bike classes. It was said at the time that Odom was angry that Khloe was reportedly dating his former teammmate James Harden. But if you watch the whole clip, it appears that Odom had a different take on the incident. He does say that he ‘fell in love’ with Khloe, but also says that he has some things he could ‘air out’ about them.

Watch the entire clip and tell us – do you think that Odom would want Khloe Kardashian to be the person in charge of making important medical decisions? Or was he trying to let people know that what they thought about him and the Kardashian family is very different that what it appeared to be?


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One thought on “The ENTIRE TMZ Clip With Lamar Odom: “I’m Not Who They’re Making Me Out To Be’ [WATCH]

  1. Oh don’t worry EVERYONE around me if talking about Lamar defending himself (Khloe set him up as a stalker) and threatening to tell the fake reality secrets if they didn’t leave him alone. All of the untalented sex tape empire ladies have guilty consciences because they exploited his addiction/issues for ratings constantly on the show (glad I’ve never watched this trash)! That’s why they don’t want the brothel guy (same sex biz as them) talking about the phone call alerting Lamar he was being trashed by them on TV AGAIN! If Lamar passes then the media better go after them to be cancelled like The Duggars and Honey Boo Boo etc. because this is no longer entertaining or funny! Lamar earned his fame with sports talent not a filthy nasty sex tape! These black widows know they’ve gone too far this time. Well seems James Harden is intelligent enough to stay off the show that has ruined so many talented men…..praying for Lamar and children (BRAVO mom for keeping them off the show to be exploited now hire a powerful lawyer)!

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