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Comedian and radio personality D.L. Hughley says he knows firsthand what Lamar Odom’s family and friends are going through. Although they have rallied around the former NBA player as he lies in a coma in a Las Vegas hospital, Hughley says that you can’t help someone dealing with substance abuse until they are willing to help themselves.

Master P weighed in again as his comments about Kobe Bryant being a phony went viral. He, too, says that dealing with a family member who is struggling with various issues can be challenging. (His brother, Corey “C-Murder” Miller was sentenced to life in prison in 2009 for the killing of a 16-year-old fan). He also admitted that while he knew Lamar well, he’d distanced himself in recent years from him because of he continued to make bad choices.

His open letter read:

If you’re real with someone, you keep it real through the good and bad times. I understand first hand from dealing with my own brother that was living recklessly, I had to show him tough love but I’d never cut him off because we’re blood. I’m not pointing the finger at anyone, Lamar’s unfortunate situation is a result of his own decisions and actions. I can relate to D.L. Hugley’s statement on dealing with family members with addictions, it’s draining.

I’m not a phony, I can admit that I stopped dealing with Lamar years ago for those same reasons. Even though I’ve known Lamar for over 15 years, it wasn’t like we were the best of friends. I tried to mentor him and give him advice but he is a grown man and made his own decisions. You can’t help anyone that don’t want any help and I get that, that ‘s life. So that’s why I stopped dealing with Lamar, it’s not like we’re blood related where I would have to put up with his reckless behavior. I’m sure Lamar has many people in his life such as family members, friends, colleagues, teammates, significant others who have stopped dealing with him but I’m just not afraid to openly admit it, due to his unfortunate medical situation.

I can also admit that me and my family are far from perfect, we have situations we’re dealing with. My prayers are going out to Lamar and his family. I pray that he comes out of this, he may have a rocky past but overall he’s a good brother. And the only reason I’m not running to the hospital to visit him, I’m not looking for publicity, I don’t need it. Only when I was asked, I stated my opinion on what I knew about this man from the times I was around him.

Lamar complained about how everybody turned their backs on him, even his NBA buddies. But then people blew my opinion out of proportion. I understand that Kobe is one of the greatest basketball players in the world and people are going to side with him. I have nothing against Kobe or the Lakers. I have nothing to hide and I’m willing to speak face to face with anybody, with Kobe or Kardashians about the conversations that Lamar and I have had concerning him trying to get his life back together and getting back into the league.

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5 thoughts on “D.L. Hughley On Lamar Odom: ‘You Can’t Help Someone Who Doesn’t Want To Be Helped,’ Master P Writes Open Letter [VIDEO]

  1. specialt757 on said:

    Ms. Sista Buckeye,
    In the case of your ex and Dr. Dre, God has the final say. In actuality HE has the final say over-all.

  2. Sista Buckeye Vet Mom on said:

    Come on Master P even you know sports champions want to EARN their spot not it given to them out of sympathy (Does Kobe have that much power? I need to ask my ESPN men on First Take and PTI hahaha)!!! I agreed with Master P on Lamar not knowing the consequences of being exploited on the reality show (why I bet you won’t see James Harden on that tacky mess) but blaming Kobe was far reaching! THANK YOU Scott Van Pelt (ESPN) because Lamar earned his fame with talent not a filthy nasty sex tape! I hope the backlash gets this show cancelled (like Duggars, Honey Boo Boo) if Lamar passes. The exploitation is no longer entertaining or funny! Praying for Lamar and kids!

    • specialt757 on said:

      I don’t know if Kobe has that much power, I would venture to say NOT. But how does Master P even know what Kobe and Lamar’s relationship is. Kobe may have tried to help Lamar in the past. So far, I’ve only heard that Kobe was the only NBA player to show up by Lamar’s beside, not even he (MP) himself says he was there. Look in the mirror (MP) before judging someone else.

  3. specialt757 on said:

    I’m not sure why people are “pointing the finger” (but saying they’re not pointing the finger) at anyone other than Lamar. Lamar and Lamar alone is in this situation because of his actions. He watched his closest friends die from drug use, so he knows the consequences.
    @ Master P, maybe you just wanted to be heard or remain relevant, but your letter should be directed at Lamar, what does Kobe have to do with his current predicament? You even admitted you weren’t there for your friend of 15 years and why you kept your distance, so what’s the dig at Kobe about? It’s not about taking Kobe’s side, it’s about keeping the blame where it belongs.
    If Lamar recovers from this incident, he will have another chance to get it right, get some help, and become the man and father I’m sure his kids want him to be.

    • Sista Buckeye Vet Mom on said:

      I said about Dee Barnes (Dr. Dre drama) I bet my St. Louis ex is glad I’m so successful and happy I don’t dwell on our abusive marriage. My point is they didn’t have to keep trashing Lamar on the show knowing he was a father and addict on the edge!!

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