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At some point in the life of the average person heartache is experienced whether it is at the hands of a lover lost or the loss of a loved one. The pain associated with heartache is often seen as a feeling that will subside over time, but research has proven that the stress and pain caused by a broken heart can lead to heart attack. The negative emotions one can experience from personal loss not only have an affect on the heart, but the spirit as well.

Too often, the effects of trauma on the spirit are overlooked and can cause unforeseen issues in new relationships along with health complications. Moving on, interacting with friends and keeping yourself busy are pieces of advice that are given to those who have experienced a broken heart, but these tactics aren’t the best measures to take to cleanse the spirit of damage sustained.

There are specific techniques that can be used to heal the spirit from a broken heart, and thanks to the advice of herbalist and author Brigitte Mars A.H.G, I have a few ways to place the heavy laden on the path of enlightenment. Mars’ Book “The Sexual Herbal: Prescriptions for Enhancing Love and Passion” details several methods for healing the spirit after experiencing heartbreak. According to Mars, therapy for grief focuses on three aspects: rest, positive energy and health.  The following techniques speak to these aspects of therapy.

Take a look at these healing practices and make a mental note of them to pass them on to someone in need or to heal yourself.

Gem Therapy

Gemstones have natural healing qualities that have been used for centuries by ancient civilizations to treat ailments and diseases. Using rose quartz during meditation or holding it while sleeping can help with calming anger and heal grief and emotional wounds. Rose quartz also promotes love. Wearing jewelry made out of this stone is an easy way to incorporate the healing properties of this stone into your everyday life while healing from heartache.

Color Therapy

The color violet is good for healing grief. Whether worn or visualized, using this color as a form of therapy works. Using a breath technique, visualize yourself inhaling healing violet light and as you exhale see the colors of your sadness flowing away from you with each breath. Visualization practices help in the area of healing from trauma.

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