I had a full hysterectomy in 2010, so I have no ovaries but have vaginal itchiness on an off all the time. What’s that about?

That is common after hysterectomy.  Vaginal dryness due to the decrease in estrogen can cause the itchiness. There are creams that can help with this. Be sure to mention this to your doctor.

That finger clubbing…Is that typical for males? It seems I’ve only seen it on men. Maybe a few women, but she bites her nails a lot!

True “clubbing” can happen in anyone with heart and/or lung disease.

I’ve been having a tingling sensation in both of my arms and fingertips…what could it be?

Tingling can be related to many things. For example, it could be a sign of a neurological issue, vitamin deficiency, or medication side effect. Make sure you visit a doctor so they can review your medical history.

What could it be if little knots form under the arms? 

Depends on the location. Knots in the armpit could be lymph nodes. Knots in the skin of the arms could be an overgrowth of tissue due to many factors. Either way, it definitely needs to be looked at by your doctor.

I have a 13-year-old who just began her period. She had dry patches on her face and hair breakage. She drinks lots of water. How can o help her skin and try to curb her hair breakage?

The change in hormones is likely responsible for the hair and skin changes she is experiencing. Increase use of moisturizers and conditioners to prevent dryness.

The doc made a statement about the thinning of the eyebrows on the edge that I missed. Can you repeat? 

Thinning at the edge of the eyebrows can be a sign of thyroid disease.

My fingernails now have vertical ridges and split constantly and barely grow any more. My doctor recommended vitamin E, but it’s not helping. What else should I check into?

In addition to replenishing moisture in the nails, it’s important to check for vitamin deficiencies, and to check the thyroid.

Good morning! How do you get rid of black spots on your face?

There are creams that can lighten the scars left my bumps/acne. Check with your doctor.

The top of my fingernails are ridged, what’s that?

Depends. Sometimes this can be a sign of a vitamin deficiency or it can be a sign of an inflammatory skin issue like psoriasis. Can also be due to trauma.

What if you have real real dry skin? Even when you put lotion on, an it dries up quickly but your skin doesn’t itch at all. 

Dry skin can sometimes be due to dehydration. Hydrate from the inside out.

What are dark lines in nails from?

Although this can be common in blacks and other dark-skinned individuals, it can sometimes be a sign of skin cancer.  Be sure to have this looked at.

Doc, what about persistent eye redness?

This can sometimes be a sign of allergies, infection, inflammation, or even glaucoma. Be sure to visit your doctor for to have it checked out.

Hi, Drs. What does adult acne mean?

That is actually pretty common. There are creams and gels that can help.

My big toenail has split from top to halfway and it seems like one of my other nails are about to. I went to the doctor and he just cut it and filed it down, but it has grown back but still split. Should I be worried? 

Split nails can sometimes be due to dryness. Increasing the use of moisturizers can help. Sometimes it can be due to vitamin or iron deficiencies.

Thank you Tom and doctors for this topic. I had gastric surgery 2 years ago. I know I have hypothyroidism, diagnosed 15 years ago, but my levels are good. Since the surgery, my eyebrows are gone and my hair thinned and has a terrible texture. What do you suggest about my hair and brows?

This may be due to vitamin deficiency.  This can be common after gastric bypass. Be sure to mention it to your doctor and have appropriate labs done.

What if the front of your neck is real dark and it wasn’t before?

This may be due to eczema or a fungal infection if you happen to sweat a lot.  Mention it to your doctor so they can take a look.

I have these white dry patches on my skin and they flake. My doctor said its extra skin and I shouldn’t worry about it. But should I?

Could be a mild form of eczema.  Increase your use of moisturizers and see if it helps the dryness.

I’m dark skin and yesterday a circular light spot appeared on my left arm. It seems a little bigger today. What’s causing this?

Hard to say. If it is changing and growing you definitely need to get it looked at.

Dear Drs., I just recently had a pedicure and noticed on my big toe that it was not smooth and had a ridge on it. I get a pedicure once a month. I’m 61 so I don’t know if age has anything to do with it.

Could be one of the first signs of a fungal infection or it might be due to trauma.  Have a doctor take a look.

I have lichen planus have a cream to use 3 times a day!  This is the second time I have had this – what causes it and

how do I prevent it from happening again?

Lichen planus is rare and the cause is not well understood. Seems to be related to an immune response. It typically resolves after a couple of years.

I am a 53-year-old female going through menopause I get itchy skin all over and in those itchy areas I’ve been breaking out in red hives. It happens all throughout the day. Are these just menopausal symptoms or is it a sign of something else?

Hives could be a sign of an allergic reaction. Make sure to mention this to your doctor and have it checked out.

How do you get rid of ringworm?

Ringworm is a fungal infection and is treated with anti-fungal medication.

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