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Alyce Dixon, the oldest-living World War II female veteran, turned 108 last month. Despite Dixon’s long and fruitful years, she still maintains a strong sense of humor and well-deserved reputation for telling jokes.

Dixon was born September 11, 1907 in Boston, Mass., the third-oldest of nine children. Dixon’s family moved to Washington, D.C. in 1924, which is where the future servicewoman planted roots and joined the workforce. Dixon was one of the first few civilians to work inside the Pentagon.

At 31, Dixon joined the Women’s Army Corps and supported postal operations for members of the service. For three years, the women in Dixon’s auxiliary unit made certain that mail piled in foreign storage stations would make it to the men and women working together and fighting during the war.

Dixon served in Scotland, England, and France. After leaving the Army, Dixon returned to the Pentagon and worked an additional 35 years before retiring.

Dixon currently resides in the VA’s Community Living Center in Northwest Washington. According to a recent report by local news outlet WJLA, the center celebrated Dixon’s birthday in festive fashion and even fashioned the veteran with a tiara. True to her character, Dixon charmed the crowd with a joke.

“God has been so good,” Dixon said. “He left me here with all these lovely people and all these nice things they’re saying. I hope they mean it.”

There was no mention of Dixon having a family but there are plenty of references to her meeting with President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. Dixon reportedly cracked a few of her signature jokes while in the Oval Office.

(Photo: VA)

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