Despite rumors of a breakup and social media all atwitter over allegations of Ne-Yo cheating on her with a stripper in Washington, Crystal Renay opened up about her relationship with the R&B singer in an exclusive new interview with

The Instagram model and reality TV star says she’s more than Ne-Yo’s arm candy and soon-to-be baby momma. She wants you to know that at the end of the day, she’s “first and foremost an entrepreneur.”


“I am first and foremost an entrepreneur,” Crystal says. “I’m always looking for the next best business to get involved in. Aside from that, I was modeling for a while but when I got in my relationship, out of respect for my fiance, I kind of slowed down. But we now have an understanding that once this drops (points to her pregnant belly), I will be getting back to work!”

Renay says she and Ne-Yo met after she was cast to model for his album earlier this year. It was lust at first sight, with the two professing their love for each other and getting tattoos within weeks. There was a marriage proposal back in January but Renay said she received criticism because she was not given an engagement ring – thus leading to a second proposal last month.

“On my birthday, he just decided to re-propose because he didn’t like the way people were treating me,” she said.


Crystal also touched on the negativity surrounding her relationship, and how they explained their engagement to Ne-Yo’s ex-fiance and mother of his two kids.

“[The toughest part of our relationship] are the misconceptions and the [outside] negativity that surrounds it,” Crystal explained. “Inside of our relationship, we are amazing. We’re happy! We communicate very well [and have done so] from the very beginning.”

Renay revealed she and Ne-Yo told his ex, Monyetta Shaw, about their engagement prior to posting about it on social media.


“At my request…at my requirement, he told her way before that. I like her as a person. I would never allow her to be blindsided by something from the media instead of hearing it from us first. NEVER.”

She continued:

“In the beginning it was hurtful. I really like her. She’s funny. She’s a fun person to be around and I hate the misconception that people want us to not like each other because it’s not the case.”

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