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Roland Martin talks to Congressional Black Caucus’ GK Butterfield about Speaker of the House John Boehner’s resignation and what will happen as a result.

“Republicans want to run the federal government, and in order to do that is that they have to control the presidency…right now they don’t have control of Presidet Obama. I think Boehner is sick and tired. The big question is who is going to the replace John Boehner? We’re going to see a lot of stand offs,” Butterfield said.

Click the link above to hear the entire interview.


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One thought on “Congressional Black Caucus’ G.K. Butterfield On What Happens Now That John Boehner Has Resigned

  1. I hope we pickup seats in 2016 because we REALLY need them! Sadly, not enough people know that the power is in Congress NOT in the presidency.

    The far Right crazies never supported the idea when John Boehner would meet with President Obama and come back and say there was a compromise.
    The far Right always considered Preside Obama a failure and in their mind his was.
    The far Right crazies said that President Obama spent a lot of money, however he has cut the budget deficit. He has recovered 22M+ jobs lost by W. Bush. He saved GM and supply chain supporting the industry. Under President Obama, over 16M Americans now have health care. Under President Obama Dow Jones and NASDAQ has more than doubled. The majority of our politicians said that Bin Laden was the most wanted terrorist and under President Obama, he is gone. The far Right is crazier than anyone ever knew.

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