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August Alsina got a little too handsy with a woman he brought on stage at his show in Baton Rouge, and social media is sounding off.

The R&B crooner stood behind the fan and began massaging her shoulders, but his hands eventually moved down to her breasts.

She continued to smile, but appeared a bit ill-at-ease as she moved her arm in between her boobs and his roaming hand.

Watch below:

What do you think – fair or foul?

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(Photo/Video Source: TMZ)

3 thoughts on “August Alsina Gropes Female Fan On Stage, Did He Go Too Far? [VIDEO]

  1. Andy Andrew on said:

    No self respecting woman should allow herself to be demeaned in this manner. But, hey, it’s a free country. It is dumb. Let’s hope she doesn’t regret it in the years to come.

    • It would be nice too, if women would show more respect for themselves. Had that been a bum on the subway, he would’ve gotten the black smacked off his ass and charged with assault. But, because he was on stage with a mic in his hands, little girl just sat there skinnin’, grinnin’ and swooning. Hell, that’s tame compared to what I’ve seen some young women subject themselves to, just for a chance at being seen publicly pawed and molested by a “star”. No story here. Nothing new or unusual.

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