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Sean Penn has filed a $10 million lawsuit against Empire co-creator Lee Daniels for accusing him of hitting women — and doing so in an attempt to downplay Terrence Howard’s past domestic violence allegations.

If you recall, Howard admitted to Rolling Stone magazine that he hit his two ex-wives in a recent interview.

Commenting on Howard’s admission, Daniels told The Hollywood Reporter, “That poor boy. He ain’t done nothing different than Marlon Brando or Sean Penn, and all of a sudden he’s some f***in’ demon…. That’s a sign of the time, of race, of where we are right now in America.”

Penn claims in his lawsuit Daniels’ comments were “reckless and malicious” and Sean has falsely “for years been the subject of scandalous, scurrilous, and baseless attacks.”

Per TMZ:

Penn has been caught on video attacking paparazzi and prosecuted for it. As for women, there have been numerous reports that he allegedly brutalized Madonna in the late ’80s, and numerous publications reported he was charged and convicted. We did some checking, and it appears the story about being charged and convicted is incorrect … he was never charged.

Penn says in the lawsuit, “Daniels’ defense of Howard (and his improper invocation of two of the greatest actors and humanitarians of our time, Brando and Penn, in doing so) is apparently part of a misguided campaign to profit and further bolster and brand his show ‘Empire.’”

Does Penn have a case?

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Celebrity Domestic Violence Victims
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38 thoughts on “CONFIRMED: Sean Penn Sues Lee Daniels For $10 Million for Implying He Hits Women

  1. You really can’t believe gossip, but yes, I have heard through the years, that there were a select few of male actors, who including Sean Penn, enjoyed smacking women around.

  2. African American Woman you are no more African American than the man in the moon. Stop branding yourself as that when in actuality – YOU ARE NOT!!!!!!!

    • African American Woman on said:

      Eunice you are not black either. You’re a numb minded sheep. Funny, if you disagree with a sheep, the first thing they say is that you aren’t black. Newsflash! All black people are victim minded sheep like you are.

      • say what! on said:

        well AAW, if others stop victimizing blacks, then all blacks, as you so called put it, will not have to act like victims. Do not blame the victims, blame the ones who cause it since you want to “go there” and label all blacks and want some blacks to be in denial about racism.

      • African American Woman on said:

        Say what….that’s the difference between you and i…I don’t and therefore don’t act like a victim. No one ( not even Mr. Godalmighty white man) can take your dignity, worth and ideas unless YOU GIVE it to them. Also, unlike you, I love being a Victor…it gives me control over my life. If something bad happens in my life, I don’t say oh poor me, woe is me, I say what can I learn from this, what can I change. If we keep thinking in this victimhood way, we are giving our power away by making others accountable for our prosperity or failure. Apathy is no joke…it’s killing us literally and figuratively. All you have to do is go out to any black neighborhood and count the rows of teddy bears and signs lined up. You can’t change what you won’t admit

      • When it comes to this kind of stuff in what “what say! is saying and what African American woman is saying, I say that we all have to respect what each of our own truth is about racism. I can not tell someone because they are black that they are acting like sheep if they talk about racism in their life but we can not ignore what is going on in our community at the hands of ourselves. Both of you are making good points. The black experience is very wide, not limited.

  3. lee daniels is an idiot turned gay man who is mad about everything there was no reason to involve other folks to make his point, he’s annoying as hell he talk to much and aint sayin nuthin

    • I will say it again, We have the freedom of speech but a person has the right to sue. Not everyone will going to let people say what they want to say and do nothing.

      • Timekeeeper on said:

        And that is another very good point, Monica. Lee Daniels has gotten a bit cocky with his recent success.

  4. When is the last time Sean Penn made a movie? It looks like he is attempting to make some easy $ off a successful man of color!!!!!

    This lawsuit is some bogus s–t. I hope Penn doesn’t get a dime!!!!!!!!

    • But see, this is why folks need to be careful is making claims. some folks let things slide because it will cost but Sean has the right to sue.

  5. Timekeeeper on said:

    The focus should have been on domestic violence, and not throwing shade on others. Sean Penn, whether you like him or not, should not have been part of the conversation.

    • If Lee wanted to point this out, Lee just should have said their have been other actors who did the same and they are judged. I grew up with Sean Penn and I can tell you, the media went after him and gave him no slack even though he is white. That is why Sean go after the photographers back in the day. And those photographers were nasty.

      • African American Woman on said:

        I agree with Timekeeper. The interview was with and about Terrance Howard. Not only is Lee Daniels downplaying the seriousness of Domestic Violence by saying he isn’t the only one to have done,it, but he also deflected the issue by bringing other actors into the conversation. That’s where he went wrong. Lee Daniels should have kept the conversation focused on the man who willingly have the interview, Terrance Howard.

    • Well, if that is the case, then a BROTHA needs to be careful is making judgements on someone else. When you make judgements regardless if they are true or not, you take the risk of being sued especailly when you are publicly accusing someone of a crime. Many people just let it slide but Sean is not and that is his right.

  6. Debbie B on said:

    Yes he has a very good case! The fact that TMZ has gone on record and investigated and found that Penn was not charged for hitting women, goes a long way towards Daniels statement being false.
    He defamed his character by associating his name with a unlawful, distasteful act.
    This will be settled out of court for a huge sum!

    • Also, Sean has to proven INTENT to do harm. This is not a clear cut case for Sean. This why many folks do not sue even though they can. Proving INTENT can be tricking.

  7. African American Woman on said:

    Even if Sean Penn didn’t sue Lee Daniels, he still sounds like a fool. So instead of taking this intervies time to talk about Domestic violence, it’s affect on its victims, and then talk about how sorry Terrence Howard claims to be. But to say it’s nothing that two other actors have been “accused” of and I say accused because neither one came out and made an open admission during an interview like Howard did. The worst part was to use the good old racist excuse to downplay Howard’s actions….Pitiful

    • I agree with your point overall; however, it is true that what White actors get away with it black actors can not get away. So both men have a point; however, Lee Daniels by making those comments took the risk and Sean is suing. Sean have to proven INTENT to harm by Lee making those statements. That is why this kind of stuff boarder lines on freedom of speech and slander. People are slander everyday they just do not want to waste the time to sue.

      • African American Woman on said:

        Amber, I hear you, but disagree that white men ( as a general group) get away with things that black men (as a general group) don’t. For instance, we have R. Kelly on tape with a minor….far as I know he’s still singing and doing his thing. We have Wesley Snipes, who has long been rumored to have brutalized Halle Berry. Those are just two examples…I don’t believe it’s color that matters as much, it’s money and power. Great example is Bill Cosby…Money and power.

      • African American Woman on said:

        And just to be clear intent does not have to be proven in a civil civil case. All the plaintiff has to prove is a wrong has been committed and damage has been done. The court than puts a cost to that damage.

      • Sorry but in general, white men get away. I see your two example. Wesley was RUMORED to do that to Halle Berry(rumors is NOT the same as DOING the crime-so that example does not count). R Kelly, a lot of stuff was left out due to an illegally search on his some-which is the LAW for anyone. But overall, white men get away with more stuff than black men and we the public regardless if it is intended or not, seem to judge blacks more harasher than whites overall. Sean Penn is one of the exceptions back in the day. The media went after to him because he attack and fought back at the media. You gave the example of Bill Cosby but do you know how many white men in hollywood who did the same thing and they are still working and no one is saying anything about them. ALOT.

      • African American Woman on said:

        Amber, you make excuses for the black men, but make the general statement that white men get away with everything….examples please? By the way, Sean Penn was Rumored to have hit women…does he get the same pass you have Wesley?

      • African American Woman, calm down, clearly you are seeing what you want to see in my statement. I said OVERALL white men get away with what most black men do not (for the record, I work in law enforcement for over 17 years and I as a public service in the community with both blacks and whites and others, so I see it everyday). I think you already know the examples and the examples I see around me, you will not know anything about them from treatment in drugs, abuse, help with work, etc. Again, how am I making excuses for black men? Again, YOU are making GENERALIZED statements about ALL black men. ALL black experiences is NOT the same. And YES, I put Sean Penn is the same boat as Wesley- stop and read my comments on Sean and stop wanting to react. Again, I am speaking from MY experiences.

      • African American Woman on said:

        I did not make one general comment about black men-only the ones I mentioned first and you responded about. You said earlier that white men get away with everything while black men don’t. I provided three examples for you, which you provided very weak excuses for. You made the general statement about all white men. I asked you for examples and you, again, provided none but made the blanket statement that “overall” white men get away with things. Your point may be valid, but provide examples. Plus, for you to say that white men probably did the same thing ilmay be true, however, for you to provide that deflective excuse is disgusting.

      • Sean Penn is ONE of the exceptions back in the day. The media went after to him because he attack and fought back at the media. You gave the example of Bill Cosby but do you know how many white men in hollywood who did the same thing and they are still working and no one is saying anything about them. ALOT.——————————–THIS IS ONE OF MY COMMENTS ABOUT SEAN PENN.. The rest you can see if you go up and down and read the comments from top to bottom African American woman.

      • African American Woman on said:

        Oh I read it, I’m just asking you for examples. We know about Bill Cosby because the women came forward. Too bad for him. If a white man was in the same predicament (any man for that matter), I would say the same thing, too bad for him. A rapist is a rapist. To deflect from what Cosby did and go for the old “the white man does it too” does not address the issue- it’s a deflection

      • A white man with same amount of drugs as black men and the same track record will often time will NOT get the same sentence. White man, overall, sentence will be shorter. That is one example. Again, the key word is OVERALL. AAW, sorry but not everyone thinks like you in the regards to “if one does it, everyone should be punished” or treated the same. I am NOT making excuses for NO ONE however, if you are going to treat ONE person one way, treat them ALL who does the same thing. It is called being FAIR-not excuses for no one.

      • Also, this is my beef when it comes to abuse as well, if a woman hits a man, she should be punish just as much as if a man hits a woman. I do not want to hear the EXCUSE, oh she is a woman, she is not heavier than he is, she is this or she is that. Domestic abuse is domestic abuse regardless if it is a man or a woman. Also, Do not hit no one if you do NOT want to be hit back. A woman’s fist can hurt and a Man’s fist can hurt. Go to these women prisons and in these jail houses where women are located and see how hard a woman can hit.

      • I finally have to time to come back and type. Here is another example. A white guy came on the job drunk and the supervisor let him go get coffee, take a break, and tried to cover it up while the white guy sit in his office- being drunk is a suspension on the job policy; a black guy was late two times-another company policy that will get you suspended, gets suspended with no pay for being late twice by the same supervisor. The black guy told the powers that be (head of the department) in what the supervisor allowed with the white guy, the company gave the black guy a warning on to be on time and gave his time back. I have plenty. But again African American Woman I make no excuses for blacks who act up and they need to be dealt with but so does whites and everyone else. That is my point.

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