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Editor’s Note: The report below contains graphic content. Please read at your own risk.

A Florida man has been accused of ripping out his girlfriend’s intestines and using a flat iron and beer bottle to mutilate her because she called out her ex lover’s name during sex.

The Sun Sentinel reports:

Fidel Lopez called 911 about 3:39 a.m. Sunday and told the operator his girlfriend Maria Nemeth was having trouble breathing and was going to die, according to the arrest report filed in the case.

Sunrise police found Lopez crying for help next to Nemeth’s naked body on the floor of the bathroom with blood and body tissue around the apartment that Nemeth, 31, and Lopez, 24, had shared for about one week in the 1600 block of Northwest 128th Drive, the report stated.

The bathroom door was ripped off its hinges and there was blood and tissue in the bathroom, a bedroom closet, and smeared on walls and doors. There were several holes in the walls and a shattered sliding glass door, police said.

Sunrise Fire-Rescue pronounced Nemeth dead at 4:02 a.m.

Detectives said they found a half empty bottle of 1800 Tequila and cut limes in the kitchen and signs of a physical struggle and foul play.

Two people in a neighboring apartment reported hearing a man’s voice yelling and lots of loud noises that lasted for about two hours, police said.

During questioning Sunday morning Lopez initially told investigators that he and Nemeth had been having rough sex and that she went into the bathroom, vomited and collapsed, the arrest report said.

Further questioning revealed a different story.

Lopez told detectives he became a “monster” when Nemeth called out her ex-husband’s name two times while they were having sex. He said hearing someone else’s name during sex upset and enraged him, investigators said.

Lopez said he left Nemeth in the closet where they were having sex and started breaking things throughout the apartment, smashing the rear sliding glass door and punching holes in the walls, police said.

He went back to the closet where Nemeth was lying unconscious and he started inserting a beer bottle, a flat iron for hair, and both fists inside of her, investigators said.

Lopez said he inserted his arm up to his elbow and ripped out part of her intestines, detectives said.

He carried her into the bathroom and tried to put water on Nemeth’s face, but she did not wake up.

Lopez told police he then washed the blood off his hands in the bathroom sink, went out on the porch to smoke a cigarette and then started to panic.

After further efforts to clean the apartment, Lopez told police he checked on Nemeth in the bathroom, found that she wasn’t breathing and called 911, according to the arrest report.

Lopez was arrested at 2 p.m. Sunday and charged with first-degree murder, records show.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement shows only one other arrest for disorderly intoxication in 2014 on Lopez’s record.

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(Photo Source: Broward Sheriff’s Office)

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24 thoughts on “Man Disembowels Girlfriend For Calling Out Ex Husband’s Name During Sex

  1. What kills me is the neighbours reporting they heard the yelling and shouting for 2 solid hours and thr bastards fif not bother to call law enforcement sooner.
    I hope they all carry and bear guilt for this type of foolishness…..damn !!

  2. blkfootblaque on said:

    He doesn’t know he’s a Lunatic. He tried to wake her up, by putting her in the tub, and let running water splash her face. It didn’t work. He went outside to smoke a cigarette and then panic decide to set In. He was not in his own mind for a while, if he realize Panic set in during his cigarette break.hhI wouldn’t call him crazy, because he snapped. He is a maniac, for sure. He is too sain to be placed in the NUTHOUSE. Kill him Now!

  3. This is sick and crazy!
    I would expect to see something like this in a poorly made horror flick but to read this happened in real life?! WOW! Just sick and crazy!

  4. Church Girl on said:

    Horrific!! I could not even read all of that. This is indescribable. I can’t imagine becoming that angry. I agree with Timothy Green. What does race have to do with this? Absolutely nothing.

  5. NO hair hats !!!!! on said:

    Wow, pulling out insides from there??????!!!!!!!! I never knew that was possible. Talk about animalistic. These type real life demonic stories influences you to maybe it best to remain single. Boyfriend turning on you. Husband plotting to kill you for insurance money and vice versa with the girlfriend or wife. Signs of the end.

  6. Everyday, stories become more horrific than the last. You pulled out your girlfriends intestines and went to smoke a cigarette?? Unbelievable. Condolences to her family.

  7. Timothy Green*–I don’t give two shits what race this cretin is I stand by what I said!!!!

    White folks do commit some horrendous crimes and yet no real hype is ever made of it.
    Let a person of color do something minor and the dam story is blown up on CNN/MSNBC, etc.

    • Timothy Green on said:

      Linda your an ignorant idiot, the same type that blames the “white man” for all your problems … ignorant idiots like you are the same ones just of a different color are in the KKK spewing the same foolishness people like you say but in reverse… you can easily i can Google 20 incidents this week alone of atrocities involving minorities by minorities that didn’t make headlines so your ignorance isnt factual, your just an idiot trying to incite your racist fuckery into everything … the opinion of a middle aged black man

  8. I’ve never heard anything like this, did not even know it was possible. This is horrible!!!!
    I’m going to rip you insides out because that is not my name?? Poor girl didn’t know she was dealing with a lunatic!


    If everything WASN’T about race we wouldn’t need a website called BAW, magazines like EBONY and ESSENCE, Viola Davis wouldn’t have made history the other night, other great black actresses would have before her. Sure we’ve come a long way but the world still sees us as n*****s no matter what we accomplish, so just kill all that bs.

  10. I guess I’m 1 of the lucky one’s. I’ve done this many of times. No joke. Such a sad story but he should be put to death for his action. High or not……

  11. Timothy Green on said:

    So breaking up with her &,putting her out UNHARMED didn’t seem like a more logical response/reaction… fucking animal needs to be taken outback & put down with a shotgun up his asshole

  12. sonijack on said:

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