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NY Giants fans haven’t been too happy with Jason Pierre-Paul since July 4, but with pictures surfacing of his four-fingered hand, reality is setting in.

The NY Daily News obtained pictured of a tired-looking JPP,  rocking an ironic shirt that reads “What we do in life echoes in eternity.” He tried to casually hide his hand under his shirt, but his injury is clearly visible, especially to any diehard Giant fan.

News broke yesterday that Pierre-Paul thinks he still has a chance to play this season as he posted an Instagram video of himself working out, with the caption “God can turn any situation around for the better. Your hard times will lead to the best times of your life. Don’t believe the hype … Be back soon! #90PC #ImAFighter #PutMeInCoach.”

Once one of the best pass rushers in the league, he took to Twitter on Thursday to remove any doubt of whether or not he can play without his index finger, tweeting,“I can’t think of the last time my index finger got me a sack.”

Also, ESPN has reported that JPP may have lost part of his thumb in the July 4 accident as well. Can the NY Giants’ season get any worse?

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2 thoughts on “Photos Of Jason Pierre-Paul’s Hand Have Finally Surfaced

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