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An Inglewood man and former employee of the famed Roscoe’s House of Chicken ‘n Waffles chain won more than $1 million in damages in a discrimination suit, alleging wrongful termination and improper termination.

CBS Los Angeles reports:

Daniel Beasley, a black man, filed a racial discrimination and wrongful-termination suit against the soul food chain that’s popular with celebrities, including Snoop Dogg and Larry King.

“It’s owned by an African American owner, but he gives full authority to the Hispanics to run it,” Beasley said.

According to Beasley’s lawsuit, managers at the restaurant on Pico Boulevard harassed him for being black and gave preferential treatment to Latino employees, including better schedules.

The grandfather from Compton says he complained to human resources and the company’s owner, but nothing was done.

He was later fired for what he says was retaliation.

“It just caught me by surprise because here I am getting fired when I’m trying to fix the problem,” he said.

Beasley says he became homeless after losing his job.

He and his attorney now hope the jury’s decision sends a clear message to all businesses.

“Racism, racial harassment can occur really anywhere even in a black-owned business,” said Scott Cummings, Beasley’s attorney.

“You can’t treat people like that and get away with it constantly,” Beasley said.

Roscoe’s owns seven locations across Southern California and can appeal the decision.

CBS2 called and left messages during business hours with both Roscoe’s corporate office as well as the business’s attorney but has not heard back.

Watch below:

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(Photo Source: CBS Los Angeles)


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44 thoughts on “Ex-Employee Of Roscoe’s Chicken N’ Waffles Wins $1.6M In Race Discrimination Suit [WATCH]

  1. Yes, in this day and age racism is racism. It is common for non-Spanish speaking individuals to be treated badly by their Spanish speaking brothers and sister. Even when called out they don’t understand how badly they make others feel. No one should feel unwelcome in their work environment.

  2. Mrknowitall on said:

    Obummer let these illegal boarder jumpers into America, and the CBC did nothing. Black politicians always vote the way their white overlords tell them to and black Americans suffer.

  3. Hispanic people have the Nerve to be racist when it is the black people’s coattails they ride to come into this country. Hispanic people don’t allow others to ruke their country; so why should they expect to be treated with open arms in America? Another culture of “ignorant people!!”

    • Timothy Green on said:

      …… but you didnt just sound ignorant as hell yourself?? … hmmm .. how quick we blacks are quick to turn the discrimination we received towards others & we ourselves become racist.. smh

  4. Timothy Green on said:

    As has already been stated ALOT of Hispanics are also of African American Heritage & are categorized & treated as black … reading these discussion boards blacks are sounding just as racist as whites all of a sudden

    • Ivan Cohen on said:

      Are a lot of Hispanics discriminated against like Daniel Beasley? Maybe, but those cases are far and few between. The perception of blacks sounding “racist” on a forum is a long way from blacks carrying out or copying the racist behavior of whites. As a matter of fact i have yet to read any news stories where whites were denied jobs or to live in neighborhoods of their own choosing on account of race.

  5. murachuslo on said:

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  6. 1.6 I’d say that’s a nice little retirement fund Yay for the little man coming out on top. We need to treat each other better. People who come to work do so for more than money. I can assure you that there is a very small group who are NOT willing to sell there self worth for minimum wage. Let’s hope his fight made it better for the next man or woman.

  7. Bigg Cutie on said:

    Oh I’m Going Through The Same Thing, I’ve Complain to Human Resources And Gotten Nowhere, I Went Ahead And Got Me Attorney. I’ve Been With This Company For 12Years.

  8. Stereotyping is lumping all persons of a group together and saying they are all alike. Persons of Spanish descent are very different and are not all alike. Some are good and other are bad; some are immigrants and others are not; some are racist and others are not. Many “Hispanic’s have African lineage, especially in the Caribbean and marry African-Americans in large numbers, such as Dominicans, Puerto Ricans and Cubans. Don’t judge all by the acts of these persons in Cali. Cali is composed of a few Spanish speak groups and many Cali natives were here before it become the U.S. and are also from Spanish descent. This is sad and I am glad justice was done.

  9. if your black and you have Hispanic’s working side by side, BLACK PPL you are the minority and they will discriminate against you first..

  10. mugutepiph on said:

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  11. Another American Company Facing Discrimination is Dicks Sporting Goods our organization has received numerous complaints of discrimination from this sporting goods company, if this has happen to uou contact us today

    • Timothy Green on said:

      Wasnt aware the president has direct control over who gets jobs or not .. despite what Trump might have you believe a president has very limited control over alot of things employment being one of them, there is no magically switch to flick to “deport all the illegals” or to get you that $100k a year job that your 9th grade education clearly says you deserve

    • Sad to say, I have to either remind people or clear some things up. There are two Spanish speaking groups in the U.S. that are not immigrant groups. So, I will let you look them up. Also, the term “Hispanic” is a pseudo ethnic label. Persons of Spanish lineage are very different culturally, so there should not be grouped. The U.S. government has created this notions that these different people are one group.

  12. This is an outrage!!!1 How can a Black-owned business let the Hispanics run it and discriminate against black people. Some of these Hispanics think they are better than black people when we built this fcking country on our backs!!! I dare some poor ass hispanics and mexicans come over and treat us bad. It is shame that black people don’t do more, edcuate themselves more and their children. Because the other races will and do and we wil further and further behind and more and more these type of things will happen.

    • Cheap labor and the owner probably has not visited the establishment in years. HR was probably in another state and had bigger chickens to fry. I’m in HR and see it all of the time.

    • I am saddened and beyond angry that many of us labeled “Hispanic” have to deal with this issue. I am from African descent like many Caribbean Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Cubans, Panamanians and do not condone this type of behavior. I treat all person with respect and hope that others understand that many of us labeled “Hispanic” do not condone this type of behavior toward any person regardless of race.

  13. specialt757 on said:

    Yep it’s just like us to take ownership of a country that we stole from other inhabitants and say no one else is allowed in. Damn Obama!

    • Yes you just might say that when you or your children have to compete in
      A job market where unemployment for black youths is around %37.
      By the way just prior to WW2 the US limited immigration and you may want to look at what’s going on in Europe right now with immigrants from the middle east

      • specialt757 on said:

        I know you live your life on HLN, MSNBC, CNN, FAUX NEWS, etc… statistics so just in case you are correct with the 37% unemployment of black youths, could this be due to other circumstances and not immigration? While I’m not opposed to new immigration laws being enacted AND limited, I also believe that certain exceptions should apply.

      • SPECIALT757 No I wouldn’t say that number is due to immigration I’m just saying that the influx
        will further hinder the chances of youths gaining employment and speaking of the news
        media there has been coverage on inner city people who understand that and have voiced their opposition to immigration

  14. How dare those Hispanics come over to this country and discriminate against anyone. I blame Obama fully, even though the problem existed before his term he’s not doing anything to fix the problem, he’s making it worst. I heard last night that he’s allowing $10,000 Syrian immigrants over here. When is it going to end? Good reddens Obama.!!!

    • Many of us labeled “Hispanic” do not condone this racist behavior and we don’t even care for the term “Hispanic” or “Latino.” Many persons labeled “Hispanic” are from African descent and view all persons as worthy of being treated with dignity. I will also say that Mexican-Americans and Puerto Ricans are Americans and not immigrants. This is sad but, please don’t label all persons of Spanish heritage as racist nor immigrant or immigrant group.

  15. specialt757 on said:

    On this historical day 9-11, no one wants to give our POTUS Barrack Obama credit for successfully eliminating the biggest threat to our country (outside forces), Bin Laden. The disgraceful human being that was responsible of the deaths of so many incidents lives on U.S. soil. And our great leader avenged those deaths, something no other president has done btw. But people can always find ways to make him look like the bad guy for things like immigration, it didn’t start with him and won’t end with him. Maybe the next “great white hope” president will satisfy you.

  16. Shape of things to come Obama opens the flood gates for unfettered stampede of Hispanic immigrants their now the largest minority so now they feel empowered to
    cater to their own I’m surprised this isn’t more prevalent in California ,,maybe it is

    • Timothy Green on said:

      Lol, so the immigration problem all started with obama??? … thats quite a surprise to me, im 34yo & we’ve had an immigration problem as far back as i can remember … but i guess since obama gets blamed for all the bad & none of the good then ok

      • Yo Jack rabbit don’t jump to conclusions so fast I didn’t say it started with him I said
        He’s stated policies have encouraged and escalated the problem since your 34 years old I guess you were alive last summer when the mass of unaccompanied minors flooded the patrol stations Huuum?

  17. specialt757 on said:

    I’m glad he was successful, discrimination is just that, and we do it amongst our own people daily. I hope he makes the best of his winnings and does something that positively affects his and his family’s lives.

  18. Timothy Green on said:

    SMH, & it sounds like he went through all the proper channels of complaint, i guess they figured they could just ignore him… ive heard quite a few blacks comment that blacks cant be racist, don’t know how they came to figure that bullshit logic

  19. Racism is racism. My concern is that the term “Hispanic” is used and that is a blanket pseudo-ethnic label that condemns all persons of Spanish heritage or who comes from a Spanish speaking country. Persons of Spanish heritage are more diverse than those of French or English background and we don’t lump them together and call them Franks or Brits.

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