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BALTIMORE (AP) — Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said Friday that she will not seek re-election next year, nearly five months after the city erupted in rioting following the death of a man injured in police custody.

Rawlings-Blake made the announcement Friday at a news conference called only 90 minutes earlier, a move that comes just days after officials said the city would pay Freddie Gray‘s family $6.4 million to settle civil claims over his spinal injury.

The mayor said she believes she could have won re-election, pointing to her work on the city’s budget and pension system. However, she said, not seeking re-election was the best decision for the city and for her family. Among other things, she said the city needed to get through the trials of the six police officers charged in Gray’s death.

“It was a very difficult decision, but I knew I needed to spend time focused on the city’s future, not my own,” she said.

When asked if she had effectively made herself a lame duck, Rawlings-Blake said that was not the case and that she was now focused on working for the city. She said she did not want every decision she made over the next 15 months to be evaluated in the context of a political campaign.

“I’m focused right now on governing, rather than campaigning for mayor at this critical time in our history,” she said.

The Democrat assumed office in 2010 after her predecessor, Sheila Dixon, was convicted of embezzling gift cards for needy families and pleaded in a separate case for lying about gifts from her developer ex-boyfriend. Rawlings-Blake won the 2011 Democratic primary with about 52 percent of the vote in the heavily Democratic city.

Some questioned her readiness to lead the city at first, but she won praise for her handling of snowstorms and budget gaps. That praise turned to criticism as many blasted her handling of the unrest following Gray’s death.

In July, she fired Police Commissioner Anthony Batts and appointed one of his deputies in the interim.

Several people, including Dixon, have announced plans to seek the Democratic nomination in the April 26 primary. The general election is often seen as a formality in the heavily Democratic city, which hasn’t had a Republican mayor since 1967. The city recently shifted its election cycle to bring it in sync with the state and federal election cycle to attract more voters.

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(Photo Source: AP)

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9 thoughts on “Baltimore Mayor Says She Will Not Seek Re-Election

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  2. IanRousseault on said:

    Thank God! Because she has messed this city up beyond comprehension! Just incompetent as hell! She should have NEVER been elected in the first place!!!!

    • Ivan Cohen on said:

      Let’s not pretend that some of her predecessors weren’t also “incompetent”. With her saying she won’t run, no one can make her a scapegoat. I am sure those who voted for her would flip you the bird and you would deserve it too.

  3. reflection on said:

    Instead of attempting to fix the murder and brutally in policing law enforcement is attempting to distract and divide. Amp up the fear. Keep fear alive. With the help of the mainstream media they are attempting to betray themselves as victims. Over 808 americans have been killed nationwide and the police are the victims. Don’t fall for the spin. The police and there unions are desperate to change the narrative but the number don’t lie, the videos don’t lie.

    • ambientbake on said:

      reflection – please tell your cousins to be lawbiding, respectful, responsible, and honest for a change. That will save a lot of lives. As far as the police killing people, lots of people need killing.

  4. mugutepiph on said:

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  5. specialt757 on said:

    There is no shame is seeing a psychiatrist. They will be able to help identify mental instability that is not always clear or apparent to the patient but clear to people looking in.

  6. Fellow vet friends and I all moved out of B more!! People are blaming the Mayor but lets be real that city has been in the dumps FOR YEARS!!! People asked how I survived B more (both my kids grad hs in B more)? I say because I’m from the ghettos of St. Louis/E St.Louis and know survival!!!! See I moved from a B more area I loved when Section 8 fools took over! Right now B more is worshiping a drug dealer with murals, rec center, made his family rich, BLM marches etc. and you wonder why my child declared to LEAVE B more for college! Good luck Steph……now Mosby’s husband can take over and keep the city stuck on stupid! Police, criminals are supposed to be treated to tea and a recliner or you will be hung out to dry! lmaoooooooooo

    • Yawn…’s not about you or your kids, and no one is wondering anything about you or your kids. We get that you moved out. It doesn’t have to be posted on every article. SMH in disbelief.

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