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This woman is the true definition of a ride-or-die.

28-year-old Amber Watford was apprehended after stealing an Alaskan state trooper patrol car, in which her husband was cuffed. Complex reports:

Amber jumped into action after Joshua was arrested for failure to attend court-ordered classes following a DUI conviction. The Associated Press reports that after he was placed in the back of a patrol car, a passing motorist hit up the arresting officer for some aptly-timed small talk. With the officer’s attention diverted elsewhere, Amber hopped behind the wheel and sped away.

Authorities had a difficult time finding the couple, and searched for several hours before they were able to track them down. Both Amber and Joshua were arrested on suspicion of vehicle theft, criminal mischief, and more.

Joshua remained in jail until Friday morning. His wife is no longer in custody.



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