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Despite much drama with his ex-wife Michelle Ghent and talk of him secretly divorcing third wife Mira Pak, Terrence Howard looks to still be linked to Pak. mentions that Howard alluded to reports of his split with Pak as he offered a bit of advice for his followers with the following tweet:

Howard’s tweet references divorce documents Pak filed earlier this year, before the birth of their child, Qirin Love. The reason for the split, Pak stated was irreconcilable differences.

Nevertheless, Howard is making sure to put the divorce chatter regarding Pak to rest with an #Usie he posted of him and Pak, before they took a flight together.

Howard’s affirmation of being back with Pak is the latest in a troublesome history the 46-year-old Oscar-nominated actor has had with women in his past. So much so that reports surfaced of Fox executives being concerned about Howard’s personal life impacting how “Empire” viewers perceive him on the show.

Among those items of concern is Howard’s legal drama with Ghent. Media sources reference divorce proceedings that reveal that the instant success of “Empire” resulted in Howard being forced to sign a new spousal support agreement by Ghent. While Howard came out on top, the judge in the case called him a “bully.”

In addition to Ghent, who alleged Howard abused her on multiple occasions and currently has a restraining order against him (which he denies), there was an incident in 2000 that involved his arrest for assaulting a Continental Airlines flight attendant.

In 2001, Howard was on the wrong side of the law with an arrest for an alleged assault against his first wife Lori McCommas over a cell phone. March 2005 saw another encounter with the law as Howard became involved in an altercation with a couple at Ray’s Dining Car in Philadelphia. Chatting with the arresting officer, Howard admitted that he’d hit the couple in self-defense.

After Ghent filed for divorce in 2011, reports surfaced in 2013 about Howard being violent with his on again-off again girlfriend, May Seng Yang in 2013. reports that Yang alleged the attack resulted during an argument at Howard’s Pennsylvania home, while his current girlfriend, Erica Jiles looked on.

Yang told the authorities that Howard choked her, thrown her to the ground and punched her in the eye, then told his girlfriend, “F-ck this, I’m going to jail for this tonight.”

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