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Marina-dwelling neighbors of Khloe Kardashian are upset today after she orchestrated a huge 15-minute fireworks show at the stroke of midnight as part of her rumored boyfriend James Harden’s 26th birthday bash, reports TMZ.


City officials are reportedly scrambling to find out how the display was approved.

According to TMZ, the fireworks were part of a yacht party in Marina Del Rey and was organized by the book. Law enforcement sources say a permit was issued to James and someone in the Kardashian family.




Although the proper paperwork was filed, TMZ reports of a “mini-conspiracy theory brewing”:

We’ve spoken to the L.A. department that normally issues permits for fireworks in the marina who says it absolutely did not sign off, and never would for such a display on a Tuesday night. We’re told the display was far enough off shore to be outside of city jurisdiction.

We also spoke to an LA. City Councilman who is angry and trying to figure out who exactly OK’d the fireworks. One law enforcement official told us … in 5 years he’s never heard of a permit being issued for fireworks like this on a non-holiday.

Watch video of the fireworks display below:

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(Photo Source: Instagram/Video Source: TMZ)


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