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 Dick Gregory will be at the Sydney Marcus Auditorium in Atlanta for an unforgettable evening with the legendary speaker. He talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about his thoughts on Hurricane Katrina, the massacre at the historic black church in South Carolina and much more.
 Hurricane Katrina – accident or on purpose?
“As long as I’ve been living on the planet, nothing has happened has ever suffered and lasted this long. We found out that Donald Trump’s son, 18 months before, was buying up property in the 9th ward.”
South Carolina shooting:
“Did you know Juneteenth was invented in that church in South Carolina? How would he know that?”
Click the link above to hear the entire interview.

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5 thoughts on “Dick Gregory Reveals Who He Thinks Caused Hurricane Katrina & South Carolina Shooting

  1. Enrique on said:

    Heard your show in Atl on accident, first time I’ve heard you since Dallas in the late 80s. I was shocked at how predjudiced and near racist your show was today. You had on some lunatic ranting about how white fols are the cause of all black peoples problems. He blamed “evil White folks three or four times on air for things that were completely false. This Hispanic male was astounded at the bllsht spewing forth from his mouth. You went along with everything he said and didn’t even challenge him. Donal Trump’s son buying real estate in NO prior to Katrina, White folks were behind the lunatic who shot the innocent church goers in south Carolina? All crap- he is on par with the Obama birthers claiming Obama was born in Africa. SHAM on you for HAVING A FRINGE LUNATIC RACIST ON YOUR SHOW. Minorities will never get ahead and take advantage of the greatness this country has to offer as long as you keep having losers and race baiters like this ass and the Reveran (emeritus towana brawley, Duke Lacross and other fake BS) on your show blaming white America for the downfall of Black Americans and their inability to stop portraying themselves as victims

  2. MacBen on said:

    Goddamn fool. That hurricane was in the forecast weeks before….the world saw it coming. The Governor and president urged everyone to evacuate. Apparently only white folks listened…so blacks didn’t, and stayed so they can rob and loot and now it’s a conspiracy?

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