Straight Outta Compton

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#StraightOuttaCompton is currently trending on Twitter with many movie goers buzzing that the film did live up to the hype. The biopic about the legendary hip-hop  group N.W.A., reported $55.1 million on opening night according to Deadline. It is also trending with movie goers commenting on the security present at the movie theaters showing the film.


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The Root reports that in partnership with Universal Pictures, movie theaters showing the film will be aided with enhanced security. Some theaters have reportedly refused to show the movie altogether, citing the anti-police sentiment of the film in the wake of a national culture that is increasingly critical of police in the face of heightened awareness of police brutality.

So let’s get this straight: A film is made that showcases the experiences of a particular hip-hop group of which many people who grow up Black and poor can relate to, and all of a sudden theaters have to have security present? This is the insidiousness of racism that makes people want to tear their hair out. Consider too that the profile of people who commit mass shootings at movie theaters are often White and male and in many a middle-class neighborhood.

Racism is as racism does but when we see it, we have to call it out.

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