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Classic Buick GMC has released security footage of 19-year-old Christian Taylor entering the dealership before he was shot and killed by Arlington Police officer Brad Miller at approximately 1:00 a.m. Friday morning.

Taylor, a football player at Angelo State University in San Angelo, Texas, was unarmed when he was killed.

Security footage shows him pulling up to the dealership and hopping out of his vehicle. He then pulls on the doors of several cars before climbing on top of one and jumping up and down on the hood.

Taylor appears to shatter the windshield, pull out a security device in the vehicle, then slide inside. He then opens the door and exits the vehicle and begins walking around the dealership again.

Taylor eventually goes back to his own vehicle, drives through the gate and toward the front of the dealership showroom.

Officers arrive on the scene and within seconds Taylor is dead.

“Everything about the outcome of this incident is a tragedy,” said Arlington Police Chief Will Johnson during a press conference. “Our community is hurting, a family is hurting and our department is hurting.”

Miller fired at Taylor four times and hit him at least twice, according to Johnson. The other officer on the scene allegedly used a stun gun, reports the New York Daily News.

The FBI office in Dallas has been asked to open an investigation into the incident and Johnson says that all 911 calls and additional security footage will be released in the coming weeks.

“We recognize the importance of these topics, the impact these issues have on communities throughout our nation, and we pledge to act in a transparent manner in an effort to alleviate these concerns,” Johnson said.

(Photo: Angelo State University)

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17 thoughts on “Unarmed College Football Player Christian Taylor Shot Dead By ‘Cop In Training’

  1. Common trend…another black kid dead after doing some dumb shhh. This one even had something going for him. Do better, I don’t feel bad for him

    • Why was he at a closed dealership vandalizing cars and breaking in?
      other people are at home in bed, out at a club, at their jobs

  2. We need to start talking to our children! Their peers are talking to them and telling them marijuana is harmless. The chemicals they are putting in marijuana now are sending our children over the mental edge. I know personally. My son graduated from high school with distinguished honors. He went to college and started smoking marijuana. The Psych Ward called me this past February because they had my son. We’re lucky because he encountered campus police officers that were willing to get him to where he could get help in spite of his erratic behavior. My son has not been the same since then. I don’t know if this is what happened to this young man but it certainly looks like something strange was going on with him. Our children are not the only ones making these kind of mistakes but they seem to be the only ones dying!

  3. Hopefully we will get to see more video, this only shows Christians behavior not what happened once the Police arrived. His brother did state that Christian was dealing with some problems. Why is it that of all the Cops there the one in training did the shooting? Once again it seems they cannot deal with
    folks with mental issues and now this young man is dead. My prayers go out to his family.

  4. specialt757 on said:

    Good gracious! His erratic behavior clearly depicts some type of drug use, I would say mental illness, but he was in college and on the football team. I’m sure the college and coach thought he was of sound mind.
    Who does this? I’m still not sure why he had to die, why couldn’t they just arrest him? He’s unarmed, several police were there, looks like they fired shots almost immediately upon arriving, according to the time line on the video.
    While this young man did put himself in this position, arresting him should have been the outcome and not ending in his death. Eventually the video from inside the showroom will clear up all the questions…maybe.

  5. What would you do? on said:

    I understand killing unnecessarily is truly a wrong thing especially how the police are plastered in the news trying to justify their cases and some could be justifiable. this young man was clearly asking for trouble just like many others that were killed by the police. I believe the cause and effect theory. When you are clearly doing wrong you are setting yourself up for something unpredictable to happen. Its like people are raised with no boundaries (I can do what I want and you better not stop me). I honestly think many of these past killings wouldn’t happen if the person killed wouldn’t have put themselves in that life or death situation in the first place. But yet we kill ourselves everyday over drug and money but there isn’t any protest and outrage over that. If there isn’t any respect and order in the home how can you expect to have it in the streets.

    • Your statement doesn’t hold water because it seems for similar types of behaviors from people of all races, Blacks are being dealt with using lethal force much more frequently. Regardless of the incident, police have a duty to use only the force necessary to subdue an offender. This guy didn’t have a weapon at all so why wasn’t he just arrested and not murdered?

      • What would you do? on said:

        If he was in his dorm in bed asleep he would be alive right now. So much blame is always put on the other person and they could be totally at fault for their actions. But what got this young man kill was his own action that lead him there. Whether if he was on drugs or just decided to do this he was wrong from the start. We have to learn to control ourselves before situations control us.

      • What would you do? on said:

        So much we look at the result of something as the problem but it starts way before that.

    • I’m not by any means approving of what this young man did. Yes he was wrong. But when officers clearly are afraid of our young men they need to find another career. When that motorcycle gagng in Texas had GUNS and plenty of them, not 1 person was shot dead by an officer. So why do our children have to die when they don’t have GUNS!!!!!!

      • What would you do? on said:

        I understand your thoughts and feelings. And I too feel the pain for the family but at some point We as Black people especially the Black males have to look at the bigger picture. We keep focusing on the results of the situations and yes fault can be put in either side. But what started the whole scenario….This young man heading to this dealership. We may not be able to stop all the sinless killings but some can be prevented. This could have been prevent with a simple decision “No I better not do this. This is not right. I don’t know what may happen… I may get killed.” If we control what we do the outcome will be different. God said you will reap what you sow. Black lives do matter but Black lives matters way before we get shot in the streets of America. If we live like it matters other people see that it matters also.

  6. Waaait a minute he tweets he doesn’t want to die young yet at 1:00am he is at a closed business vandalizing cars and trying to break in, What the F%$k is wrong with our young black people?

  7. reflections on said:

    704 americans have been killed by the police this year.
    Psychologist Openly Admits He Trains Police Officers to Shoot First and Ask Questions Later
    Dr. Lewinski is training police to shoot before making a full assessment of the true threat.
    By Shaun King / Daily Kos August 9, 2015

    We should create a state to state traveling memorial for all the unarmed and mentally ill americans murdered by the police just like the traveling war will memorial. We must force the police unions and the Fraternal order of police to stop killing unarmed african americans and the mentally ill.

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