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If you saw his breakthrough role as Wallace on The Wire, or his breakout role as Oscar Grant in Fruitvale Station, then you know that New Jersey’s own Michael B. Jordan is a quality actor. But if you’ve seen him lately, fresh off working out for his upcoming roles in The Fantastic Four and Creed, you would know that Jordan is also really, really sexy. That must be why he is the current cover star of DuJour Magazine and we have to commend the photographer – they left no gorgeousness unturned.


In the interview, yes, there’s also an interview, which hopefully you’re reading online so no drool gets on the magazine pages, Jordan also says he’s still single. Yes, there is a God. He also says that despite his current status as one of, if not the most eligible Black Hollywood bachelors- a formidable combination of Will Smith’s amiability and Denzel Washington’s knack for heroic onscreen choices – he’s hoping he can be like his parents, married 30 years.


“Sometimes, you think you’re gonna be young forever. You get stuck in that fun phase,” Jordan told DuJour. “My family environment growing up is very much what I want eventually. It gives me hope and a longing for something more than the surface kind of relationships that you have so much. I always use them as a gauge. They were 28 or 29 when they got married. So I have a year… But unless something dramatic goes down, I don’t see that happening.”

Hmm, we think some ladies are hoping to be that ‘something dramatic’ he mentioned. Keep hope alive.


There is also that he’s just found moved into his first home in West Hollywood, surely a stalker, we mean family, hangout which is what turned him onto the place. Still, Jordan says he’s having some challenges thinking of himself as a heartthrob and even a movies star. We’re sorry to say, hon, you might as well get used to it.

“People say you change when you get successful. But that’s not really how it works. I think when you start getting successful, people assume that you’re going to be different, so they change,” Jordan explains. “So you’re in this weird place where you’re trying to convince someone that knows you that you’re still the same. It’s like,why do I have to do that?”

Jordan even takes a great selfie.


Read the entire interview with DuJour HERE

(Photos: DuJour Magazine, PR Photos, Michael B. Jordan IG)

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