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Actor and comedian Deon Cole is known for his hit role on Blackish. He talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about his hit show, his performance at New York’s Caroline’s on Broadway this weekend and of course,  Donald Trump and Bill Cosby.

“If Trump wins, it’s going to be chaos,” Cole says. “I know one thing out of all this – there’s not going to be no more Black presidents in a while. Even Dennis Haysbert is going to lose his job. Even the phony Black presidents are not going to be working. No Black presidents nowhere are going to be working. Sam (Jackson) is out of there. Morgan Freeman is out of there. Tiny Lister, he’s gone. You will not be seeing any back to back Black presidents.”

As for Cosby, Cole wonders if Jell-O is even sold anymore.

“You know, they get nervous after one thing. They shut it down.”

Cole is appearing at Caroline’s in New York City this weekend and of course, is a series regular on black-ish, returning to ABC with stars Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross this fall.


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