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Comedian and host of The Nightly Show on Comedy Central, Larry Wilmore is building an audience after basically taking over the time slot of the hugely popular Late Show With Stephen Colbert. Colbert, as most people know, is replacing David Letterman this fall.

“The show is doing better and better and better. We keep finding new people that are finding the show. The ratings are doing good too. The comedy just writes itself,” Wilmore said.

Certainly there’s plenty to joke about during an election season that includes Donald Trump as a serious presidential candidate.

“Donald Trump is amazing to me,” says Wilmore. “Bill Clinton, the first Black president, Barack Obama is the first African-American president and Donald Trump is the first hip-hop president. He’s always got beef with somebody, he’s rich and he flaunts his bling, he’s got his own vodka, he’s got baby moms all over the place. And that’s why people like him. When he talks, he don’t give a [blank].”

As for Ben Carson – ‘Sorry, brother, we already went Black.”

Other people in the news that Wilmore is taking on are Bill Cosby. But even Wilmore doesn’t see the humor in his situation.

“It’s just a tragedy at this point.”

While he may not be fit to govern, as a comedian, Wilmore hopes that Trump continues as a frontrunner. And if Joe Biden would run, Wilmore says that would be comedy gold.

“He’s just one of those grandfathers who can’t keep his hands to himself. You could do that in the 40’s but you can’t do that now.”

Click the link above to hear the entire interview.

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One thought on “Larry Wilmore Calls Trump First Hip Hop President, Talks Bill Cosby & More

  1. George on said:

    I think he can be the next Jon Stewart, the brother’s really sharp. He doesn’t mind taking on any issue and he covers the black perspective really well. Good luck bro man !

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