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Man oh man, it must be wedding season! Not only am I being invited to weddings left and right with all these new engagements popping up, but it’s that time of year where everyone has one! It’s just like me to have set out a new diet plan for myself, and then have to battle with all of my cravings and desires at these all-you-can eat buffets and calorie-filled meals my friends and family are serving at their weddings. Here are some tips on how to fight back, but still enjoy!

1. Eat a snack. 

Plan ahead and eat something light, but filling before you head over to the wedding. A lettuce wrap, for instance, would be a great choice. By the time the ceremony is over and you are ready to chow down at the reception, your tummy won’t be as starved and ready to ditch your diet the moment your options are presented.

2. Observe.

Before you run to be the first in line for the food stations or all-you-can-eat buffet, try to scan the room to see what all of your options are. Being strategic is key here. It’s better to seek out the healthy options because they will probably not be as popular as the others.

3. Practice self control. 

Now that you have located the healthy options choose them. Yes the BBQ ribs may smell better, but it’s better to elect the lean protein options like beans, shrimp, grilled fish, grilled chicken, etc. Also, select the roasted veggies, vegetable kabobs and green salad. These are all options that are low in fat/calories and high in fiber and protein.

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