Hollywood Divas’ Countess Vaughn has been on the path of self-love and increased body confidence lately both on the show and on her Instagram account. To that end, Countess has used a variety of techniques including diet, exercise and liposuction surgery.

“My swelling hasn’t gone down yet, and a lot of people are saying ‘Did you have the surgery or not?’ the weight didn’t go down extremely fast afterwards. I went up and got back to work 2 days later and when you don’t heal properly, I believe that’s what happens. I never desired to be a size o. I always enjoyed my curves,” Vaughn says.

At 4’10, Vaughn has always been a “thickems” as she says but her father’s recent stroke inspired her to get healthier.

“That’s how I changed it. I don’t want to end up like that. I want to listen and really get it and understand.” That won’t include going vegan, though, as Vaughn says she still loves meat.

Fortunately, Countess has the support of her husband, who loves her through thick…and thin.

“That’s why I wasn’t fighting to be a size 2,” she says.

Countess captioned this post ‘You better love yo self’

Countess shows off some of the effects of her liposuction surgery and her increased body confidence.

Countess shares her struggles with weight loss and body confidence with her fans as she gets ready to work out. 

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