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Rap legend MC Lyte is at the Urban League Conference in Ft. Laurderdale, FL hosting several events. The rap star and Brooklyn native responsible for the hits “I Cram To Understand You (Sam)” “Paper Thin” and “Ruffneck” among others got started at 16 and is considered among the genre’s most beloved artists. But she says at one point, fame become overwhelming.

“At a certain point I had gotten so tired of being recognized that I wished it all away. And then it went all away and I had to work really hard to gain some notoriety back. I was young. I started out at 16. It was a lot. In New York City, I couldn’t go anywhere without having to work.”

Lyte made the move to L.A., something that helped her career and her personal life.

“That really helped. They see people all the time. I got to rollerblade on the beach and climb mountains,” she says.

What’s most impressive about Lyte is that she’s lasted 26 years in a career that eats up artists very quickly. And perhaps more impressive, she’s maintained a reputation as one of the most respected MC’s/artists in the business. She’s at the Urban League to continue her mission of reaching out to and inspiring young people.

“I love to see the young people. That’s my mission. I love being able to talk to them. You asked me about pitfalls. The young people, they don’t necessarily need to do it. Sometimes, it’s like ‘I hear what you’re saying but I need to learn that lesson myself.’ This generation, if you talk to them about pitfalls and how hard it can be to get out of them, they’re ready to listen and make the adjustment.”


Her new release Legend is out now. The new single “Last Time” features Coko and Faith Evans.  It was released in stores for one day, but now you can access it via the brand new MC Lyte app. You can get that HERE

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