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In the latest example of persistent and ingrained racism in America, police are searching for two White men spotted on video placing

Church and civic leaders were unbowed by what they condemned as an act of terror, the report says. maintenance worker discovered the flags at the historic church that was

The incident comes after nine Black church members were gunned down by self-professed White supremacist Dylann Roof earlier this month at Emanuel AME in Charleston, South Carolina. After the shooting, which rankled the nation, Roof was spotted on social media holding the Confederate flag, long a symbol of racism in America. The image sparked a push to remove the flag from government buildings around the country, including from the South Carolina statehouse.


At a mid-morning news conference, Ebenezer’s pastor, the Rev. Raphael Warnock, said the placement of the flags was a terrorist act meant to intimidate.

“Let the message go out that we will not be shaken by this,” Warnock said. “We will not be intimidated.”…

Police say the people who placed the flags at the church could face charges that “include criminal trespassing, terroristic threats and littering.”


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3 thoughts on “Two White Men Sought After Placing Confederate Flags At Ebenezer Church & King Center

  1. MacBen on said:

    Lemme get this straight… black folks will shoot each over Jordan’s, pork chops, clothes and baby mommas but will let some whiteboys roll into their hoods and disrespect unchecked? How sick can you be?

  2. specialt757 on said:

    “…ingrained racism…” is right! If the flag doesn’t represent “hate” then what’s this all for? Cowards.

  3. …I thought they said that “their flag” was about “heritage, not hate”…The European Caucasian White Man is becoming a part of obsolescence…All around the world the people of color whose native lands have been colonized, invaded, and occupied, are starting to do the same to him…Why do you think they want tighter border control; scared of China buying up all of their bad debt; and people once “marginalized, oppressed and discriminated” now starting to become the driving force behind the population and economic growth….You had a good run, “Mr. Charlie”.

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