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A professorship established by Bill Cosby and his wife Camille is no more at Spelman College.

The BBC reports the Atlanta,GA-based historically black instutition has discontinued the Cosby-funded professorship amid multiple sexual assault and drugging allegations from several women that date back several decades. The position was provisionally suspended last year when news of the allegations first surfaced.

As it stands now, Spelman is returning the remainder of the $20 million donated to the school by the Cosby family in 1998.

The discontinued professorship is the latest development in the continuing saga surrounding the claims against Cost. The embattled comedian has denied the allegations against him by the women as well as any wrongdoing regarding the case. However, Cosby has not been charged with any crime.

In a recently released deposition from a 2005 civil case, Cosby admitted to obtaining Quaaludes to give to women before having sex with them. Lawyers for the entertainer stated their client was among many people who introduced Quaaludes into their “consensual sex life in the 1970s.”

At no point during the deposition did Cosby admit to having any non-consensual sex or giving any women drugs without their knowledge, the lawyers pointed out.

“Quaaludes were a highly popular recreational drug in the 1970s, labeled in slang as ‘disco biscuits,’ and known for their capacity to increase sexual arousal,” a statement said.

Cosby’s legal team is currently working to stop a judge from unsealing the full set of court documents related to the 2005 case. Among the items in the documents is a confidential settlement agreement.

Celebs Who Have Been Accused of Sexual Assault
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23 thoughts on “Spelman College Cuts Ties With Bill Cosby; Returning $20 Million

  1. Note: to those saying the poor students need that money…it is money for an endowed professorship. “discontinued the Cosby-funded professorship”…This means they funded a professor to work at Spelman and shouldn’t impact students with the exception of one less prof.

  2. Karl Crosby on said:

    I don’t still get the real story behind the Bill Cosby issue. Did he entice these women, if not why did so many come his way. It had to be something they were after. Surely he didn’t drag them all toward him. Was it sex they were after or was it to get at his money since he has been wealthy for quite some time throughout his life. The majority of them are white and one black man is supposed to have raped and drugged them all. Something just ain’t right behind all of this from the start. I wish Bill Cosby would straighten all this mess out once and for all. He still is one of the best entertainers in show business history.

  3. Lois Percell on said:

    Since you think the money is dirty,send it all back to the Coby’s.Shame on you Spellman College.You need to think of the smart students that need the financial help..

    • His money is still good! Spellman doesn’t need any money, if they can afford to return $20million! What happened to innocent until proven guilty? I will NEVER send money Spellman! Unless the current Board and administration remove themselves, I hope that due to lack of funding they cease and desist!

  4. Beeg1966 on said:

    Those Spelman people are not as smart as we think they are, cause that is the dumbest thing I have heard? I think Mr. Cosby did give those women the drug, but, does it give you 20 something years of memory loss? That is my problem, why did they wait? I don’t care who you are, if you have sex with me without my consent, you are going down and If I go down with you, so be it. Some DA in some City would have loved to take him down with proof.

    • specialt757 on said:

      “…Mr. Cosby did give those women the drug..” And that may be true, but with your knowledge and consent, until proven otherwise I’m going with that.
      And the first woman should have been brave enough and not greedy and thought more of their career ambitions to prosecute then there would not have been more “victims”. Greed is a hellava drug.

      • Some of these women were as young as 15, 16, 17 years old, when they met Cosby, even if they did have prior knowledge, it’ illegal for and adult to supply drugs and alcohol to minors.

  5. Why give the remainder back , have another $20millionaire giver. Standing in the wings . Really silly move ,this was set- up to Help pay for Education students. A really bad move “the Donald will not replace it”

  6. Slim on said:

    If you lived in the ’60-’70s era, you wouldn’t have anything to say. They knew what they were doing. They were in on it. their just trying to go for the money now. Most of the entertainers, if not all and musicians were doing it. The disgusting part of it is the fact they are trying to rob Bill in broad day light.

    • specialt757 on said:

      Yes, why would you return any funds, wait Spellman has $20m to return? I guess they have another billionaire investor whose past is squeaky clean.

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