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Rev. Al Sharpton talks about the latest in the Sandra Bland case, including the release of the dash cam footage before her untimely death.

“It is disturbing to say the least. A 29-year-old woman dead in police custody. We don’t need an investigation after seeing the dash cam that was released last night. When we look at the fact that This woman is dead in a cell that she should’ve never been in, let’s start there,” Sharpton said.

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16 thoughts on “‘This Woman Is Dead In A Cell That She Should’ve Never Been In’ – Rev. Al Sharpton

  1. Barbara on said:

    Most cops now are bitter and out of control! the best thing to do when being stopped is keep quiet and do what they say.If you can put your phone on record and lay it in your seat without them knowing they are being recorded it will save you alot of trouble. You can always light another cigarette, put the darn cigarette out its no big deal. I hope and pray other women young and old black and white take heed to this and learn a lesson, it could have happen to anybody. R.I.P. Sandra Bland i am soo sorry it ended this way for her, something that could have went totally different and could have saved her life. At the end of the day i think her family not responding and answering her calls in a timely fashion is what pushed her over the top.She wanted them to post bond so she could not miss her first day at work. So many people play a part in this young lady life that seem to already have been spinning out of control…………..I’m just saying!!!!

  2. reflextions on said:

    There have been 204 mass shootings — and 204 days — in 2015 so far all committed by white men.

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    By Christopher Ingraham July 24

  3. MARK 8:36 on said:

    Arguing with a police officer is the equivalent of arguing with a stop sign. No matter what you say, it will not say go. Don’t argue with the police. Wait and take your argument to a judge. The judge will be weighing both sides.

  4. Anon on said:

    Sandra did nothing wrong the police should have never asked her to exit her car and that is one of the violation she broke . He issues the ticket then goes on his way he is not to bully and throw his weight around. Some of you in here are stupid just keep letting the police get away with this

  5. Guest on said:

    Why don’t her family admit she committed suicide because they refused to bail the drama queen out and getting arrested ruined her trip to report to new job? The bail bondsman not telling media his conversation with her mother tells me a great deal!! Amazing how fam cares when $ involved!!! Sandra was allowed to call several people for bail? Soooooo black on black crime still doesn’t matter??????????????

    • Prophetic Voice on said:

      Even if what you are saying is true, we still have to ask the question: why is it when non-Black people shoot-up theaters, churches, marathons and military installations they can walk away alive and sometimes even get taken to Burger King? But when a Black person fails to comply with a police officer after being arrested and harassed for the smallest of infractions, we end up dead?

  6. Anthony B.... on said:

    Kates, you should also remember “probable cause” can also be fabricated the reason for the arrest was that Ms Bland supposedly kicked the officer? Yea Right?

    • I didn’t make a comment about whether he had probable cause to arrest her, because I don’t know whether she kicked him or not. He may be lying to justify his treatment of Ms. Bland after she got out of the car. But when you change lanes without signaling, you give probable cause to be pulled over. Ms. Bland expressed anger at being pulled over for such a minor offence, but, at the end of the day, she gave him reason to pull her over.

  7. specialt757 on said:

    While the investigation into how she died is still pending, “This woman is dead in a cell that she should’ve never been in…” so very true. Had it not been for the cop’s ego & pride we would have never heard of Ms. Bland, she would still be alive working at Prairie View A&M University.

    • Guest on said:

      No if her family had came up with bail money when the bondsman called the angry depressed PTSD Bland could have calmed the h @ down and challenged the ticket in court!!!! Glad my daughters always beg me to obey police and we fight in court! ! As usual this woman has issues! Can we please defend truly innocent hardworking black people???

      • specialt757 on said:

        Dummy, if she was never in jail in the first place, there would be no reason for her to call her family to come up with bail money. Again but not for the policeman’s ego she wouldn’t have been arrested.

  8. Mr Muhammad on said:

    Any law enforcement officer who violates that officer should be violated that simple and people we must stand up.A woman loses her life for what.All decent people know this Must not go unpunished that officer was wrong to detain her from the first place.

  9. Linda on said:

    The PIG had no business pulling Ms. Bland over for such a minor thing like failing to signal while making a lane change.

    This young woman had everything to live for-now she is dead due to his lack of restraint!!!!
    My condolences to Ms. Bland’s family.

    • Actually, Linda, the officer had every right to pull Ms. Bland over. She made an illegal lane change. Minor, but still against the law. He was only doing his job when he pulled her over. She had no respect for the law and no respect for the officer doing his job. He violated her human rights and I sincerely believe that he should be fired for the way he handled her. I’ve seen police officers get treated much worse and still maintain professionalism. I hope that whomever is responsible for her death is exposed and brought to justice. But to say that the officer had no right to pull over a citizen for breaking the law is just wrong.

    • Guest on said:

      A “pig” stopped my daughter and thank God she wasn’t some depressed angry PTSD black woman and when she called me I was there to ensure she obeyed officer and we handle in court!!! Where were all the people Bland had the bondsman call for help??? Stop being stupid people her family is the reason she committed suicide! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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