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Authorities in Alabama claim a teen committed suicide in a jail cell an hour after being arrested, another suspicious case of a Black woman dying in police custody in the past week.

Kindra Darnell Chapman, 18, was jailed last Tuesday for allegedly stealing someone’s phone on the street, according to the Huffington Post. Chapman was charged with first-degree robbery and was last seen alive at 6:30 p.m. When officers went to check on Chapman an hour later, she was found unresponsive.

Chapman was pronounced dead at Brookwood Medical Center from apparent asphyxiation. In a sad connection of events, she passed a day after another woman named Sandra Bland was found dead in a separate jail in Texas. The 28-year-old was arrested after a traffic charge. Many have questioned the series of events in both cases, since the families claim the Black women didn’t show any signs of recent strife.

Bland’s past battles with PTSD and clinical depression were brought to light when videos from her Facebook page resurfaced. However, the woman, who was seen speaking positively about overcoming her problems, was on track to start a new job and new life when she was found dead by police in her cell.

Last week, the FBI announced they would join the Texas Rangers in the investigation into her death.



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13 thoughts on “Another Black Woman Dies In Jail Cell, Alabama Police Claim It Was Suicide

  1. specialt757 on said:

    This is absolutely nuts! These “suicide” victims were both arrested for petty crimes, probably no real jail time would have been ordered. It’s a mystery but I think we should wait for the investigation and independent autopsy before we call it murder. And I agree there better not be another case of a plastic bag as the culprit. Can’t figure that out to save my life.

  2. What is this? Now the coward, racist police officers are attacking and killing black women in jail cells, and saying these women killed themselves? … Karma is real white America!

    And to macben:
    You stated you “hate thieves?”. If that’s the case, you are taking about yourself and white America who are the biggest thieves in the world. Example: Stealing land from the Indians, and violently Kidnapping black people to work for free, and your people claim the credit from the free labor. There are too many more examples to list.

    • In the interest of accurate history no white man violently kidnapped any Africans
      We were kidnapped by rival tribes and them traded to the whites, all the white man had to do was off load the fabrics metal works spices ect. And load the human cargo in its place, just like some native Americans were happy to assist the whites in eliminating rival tribes here, and if you will study your world history you will learn that since man walked this planet those with advanced knowledge and power concord those less advanced, that’s why in south America you have blond haired blue eyed Brazilians

      • specialt757 on said:

        In the interest of splittin’ hairs, whitey violently killed and raped Africans and African women prior to and once arrived on the surrounding shores, so what’s really the difference?

      • marva on said:

        Where did you learn your history? Who the hell miseducated you? Even the Portuguese admitted to waging wars along the western coastline of Africa to get slaves. The kidnapping and transporting of Africans was a european enterprise, even if some Africans got co-opted. Now go brush up on your reading skills and pay attention, dummy!

      • jhuf on said:

        You left out the Dutch empire
        Portugal imported slaves from many country’s china even mainly into Europe
        Spain first transported slaves to the Americas in the 1500’s
        then British
        They established posts along the west coast north Africa and east
        Even Arabs captured slaves for trade never the less Mofa I stand by me original comments
        Special757: tell me how does something that happened 500 cause such an impediment to your wellbeing? is a white man who’s relative was raped by a black man 70 years ago have a legitimate beef with you?

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