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High School Musical 3 and Brotherly Love star Justin Martin was arrested on Tuesday after he got into a shoot-out with Boston police officers.

According to Boston Police, the 21-year-old was observed running down the street in Dorchester holding a gun. After police chased him down, Martin turned and pointed the gun at the police while a second suspect began to fire multiple times.

The police said officers fired at Martin but did not strike him. After getting the actor to the ground, officers recovered a loaded .22 caliber handgun. While police placed him in custody, the second unidentified male approached the officers with a loaded .25 caliber handgun. He was later detained and placed in custody.

Both Martin and the second suspect have been charged with unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition and carrying a loaded firearm. Additionally, Martin will be charged with two counts of assault by means of a dangerous weapon.

It’s unclear what set off the exchange of gunfire. Martin’s mother told TMZ she will attempt to bail her son out after his court appearance today.

In addition to High School Musical 3 and Brotherly Love, Martin, who resides in Georgia, also appeared alongside Denzel Washington in 2012’s Flight.

(Photo: Justin Martin Twitter)

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12 thoughts on “Actor Justin Martin Arrested On Weapons Charges After Shootout With Boston Police

  1. Why was he running from the police, and have a gun on him, and shoot at the police? He is in big trouble! Well, glad no one was killed in this encounter.

  2. Dam Boston you’ve got some punk-azz cops, any other place we’d be taking photos of their bullet riddled corpses in the morgue, and this time Sharpton or the media
    couldn’t play up that “unarmed black man” angle

      • The “ they are systematically hunting down our young black men on the streets of America” angle

      • Kitcho on said:

        This is a human waste. Should have dead for carrying a gun and have the stupidly of mind shooting at the cops. But then, he is a ghetto product. Who do not know, how one operate in the world with out carrying a gun

  3. ME623 on said:

    He’s truly blessed to be alive! Unarmed men have died at the hands of police and he’s armed and shooting and not hurt… WOW! I don’t know what’s gonna happen to him in jail tho.

  4. Peggy Farrar on said:

    Martin. Guns do harm people. So, Thankful the Police officer didn’t shoot you for pointing the gun at him.

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