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NeNe Leakes may be gone, but Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta” has reportedly moved forward in finding a couple of replacements for the now former (original) housewife.

LaLate reports that producers of the hit, but struggling, reality show are looking at former “RHOA” star Sheree Whitfield and singer Fantasia Barrino as the ones to fill Leakes’ spot. With Leakes reportedly making $1.5 million per season as a full-time cast member, the departure frees up cash to pay one or two people to replace her.

“BravoTV could – with the departure of Leakes – have $700K to pay Fantasia and $600K to pay Sheree, if they are interested,” an LA Late source said, adding, “Sheeree’s ordinal departure, and replacement with Kenya Moore, came as Whitfield’s then salary demands for RHOA5 were declined. But LALATE believes that Sheree Whitfield will return if the salary offer is lucrative.”

As for Leakes, she is going beyond the show as she is set to appear on ABC’s new game show “To Tell the Truth,” according to Reality Tea, which noted that Leakes has started filming the show. The reality TV star even took time out to share her thoughts and moments from the set with her Instagram followers.

Weighing on Leakes’ departure from the “RHOA” franchise, Cynthia Bailey voiced her support of her former cast mate’s decision, telling Essence, “I think that there comes a time in your life where you have to do what’s best for you. She will always be the original Atlanta housewife, she started this platform. If there was no Nene there would be no Cynthia, there would be no Kenya, there’d be no anyone on this show. ”

“I applaud her for stepping out and doing something else,” she added.

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(Photo Source: Sheree Whitfield Instagram)



41 thoughts on “Sheree Whitfield and Fantasia Barrino Replacing NeNe on ‘RHOA?’

  1. I will not be watching this season, but It Will Not Be Because NeNe is Gone! I Hope They Will Not Contribute the Rating Drop a Result of her departure. The Rating Deop is a Result of Kenya and Claudia being in the show, and bringing Fantasia on.

  2. lynn on said:

    I hate that Claudia is off the show. I want Porsha off, she serves no purpose. I like her when she was first on the show, but does nothing for the show now. I like Kenya and Cynthia. I am so Happy NENE is Gone!! SHE SONASTY AND RUDE. HER FAME WANT LAST LONG,BECAUSE SHE ACT like she is miss it!! I thought Claudia was funny and didn’t always want dramatist wanted to understand what was up with NENE and her attitude.

  3. Joyce on said:

    Please, please do not bring ratchet Kenya, Claudia and Cynthia back. Not one of them have a story line. Keep Porscha and Phadra. I honestly do not think I will watch this season. You have to really bring it this season with the right housewives!

  4. Earnestine Bryant on said:

    Glad to see NeNe go! Sick of her nastiness! Don’t know Sheree. Love Fantasia;but don’t want her involved in all the fighting and hateful women!

  5. Jane on said:

    Please do not bring Sheree back to the show. She is old news from Atlanta. Get some new faces on the show. Get rid of Claudia and Kenya. I actually stopped watching the show last year.

  6. Will not tune in, don’t care, had enough of She by Broke Sheree, Lying Kenya, Fake Claudia, Cry baby Kandi, and ATM Cynthia. Won’t be tuning in this season.

  7. COOKIE on said:

    please don’t bring back a woman that would buy a car and a purse before buying her child a bed…….Sheree did just that in front of the camera’s before and doesn’t deserve to get another check promoting being an unfit mother.Now Fantasia I love her, and please rid us of Cynthia and her lack of a life and nosey husband.

  8. Tear it doen, brig back Phaedra and Porscha. They work and both of them are business women and Phaedra has a family. Bring other women who are as classy as these 2, I feel that Kim Fields will be an asset. Do not look back and bring Sheree, she had nothing going on for herself. And I cannot believe that Fantasia will step down to this level . She would not be a good fit. Period!!!! Or cancel!!!I will not be looking at it. I feel it has ran it’s course….

  9. I think its great that the awful Leaks woman has gone, I applaud that they are considering Ms. Whitfield I always felt she was a better representation than the ill educated Leaks, however the thought of the ratchet mess they are considering by the name of Ms. Barrino only further goes to show that this Bravo team are only interested in choosing some of the most ill educated and horrible representation of black women for this show.
    The thought of Fantasia, who may be able to sing but has no class or education whatsoever just astounds me.

  10. JAYNE on said:

    I’m done with this show…..give it up!! Let it go!! Fantasia, I love your singing!! Please don’t mess with this drama-mess….you are so better then that!! Nene, I’m a true fan forever no matter what!!!

  11. Vanna on said:

    Please get rid of boring cynthia,and Kenya no story I really like my girl Porsche she is a good person.cynthia used to be before married to Peter not good for her

  12. I just wish my sistah girls would get along on this show, I have kind of stop watching because it is so toxic… I love when us BLACK women get together and talk- its a beautiful meeting of true Sistah-hood
    hell they all have money within their own rights- what you really fighting for?

  13. Yeah…..Sheree is working again. Maybe we can finally get Chateau Sheree up and running 🙂 And Fantasia…..she has all kinds of talent and drama, can’t wait to see her. NeNe was really good on the show when she lived in California and had a couple of other jobs, but in ATL….she is hideous. Mean and very dismissive of any conversation that she is not controlling. We needed a break from her.

  14. doris on said:

    Why does networks look for people who don’t need to be on television.
    Why don’t you sometime look around and grab every day common people they have craziness too.

  15. Swan on said:

    Cynthia is stil gunning for browny points from NeNe. I guess her friend contract with NeNe never expired because it’s everlasting. Cynthia was and still is boring.

    • kenya is not as bad as she was since claudia was hired to do kenya’s bad work now it looks like kenya has soften up but it’s because the show has allowed kenya a softer role due to the hiring of claudia. kenya or claudia will never get a man because of their personalities.

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