So much for brotherly love between R. Kelly and his … brother.

According to, Bruce Kelly is making it known that his famous brother has not paid him for working him as much as 144 hours a week. Chatting with the site Bruce revealed that R. Kelly hired him in March as a personal assistant and driver. Under a verbal agreement they had, Bruce mentioned that he would do food runs and chauffer R. Kelly for $700 a week.

Despite the agreement, things soured between the siblings once Bruce didn’t receive any money when he started working overtime.

According to documents filed with the Illinois Departmet of Labor, Bruce mentioned that he sometimes had to wait up to 12 hours in the car for R. Kelly, which resulted in him not getting any sleep. Bruce told TMZ that although he spoke to R. Kelly about the $11,000 in back pay he claims the singer owes him, he added that the Pied Piper of R&B didn’t care.

As a result, Bruce stated that he finally had enough after three months and put his foot his foot down because he’s “not working for nobody, not even his brother, for free.”

Additionally, Bruce Kelly wrote Thursday on his Facebook page: “i can’t believe this is what I have to resort to to get paid from my own Brother. I know my mother is turning over in her grave!! this is not how joann kelly raised us. what’s wrong with paying your brother what you owe him. you pay everybody else!!”

At this time, the Iabor department is still investigating Bruce’s claim.

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