Lamar Odom has had it rough over the past few years, and the past few weeks have been particularly dark days. Life & Style Magazine is reporting that Odom suffered a relapse three months ago.

Life & Style writes that two months ago, Odom and his friend Jamie Sangouthai left traces of black tar heroin, foil and a straw when they left a Best Western hotel in Los Angeles. Rather than injection, black tar heroin users inhale the heated vapors using a straw. Drug use has been continuous since then.

“Lamar left for Las Vegas in mid-May, and he’s been regularly getting high,” a friend said to Life & Style.

Tragedy has also followed the relapse. Sangouthai died on June 14 because of a skin infection caused by a dirty needle. Days later, Bobby Heyward, another friend, died of a drug overdose.

In addition to back-to-back reminders of the pitfall of drug addiction, family and friends are worried about Odom’s “strange behavior, slurred speech and mood swings.”

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