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Tyga is reportedly calling in the feds in an attempt to hunt down the culprit he says leaked photos of his penis.

According to TMZ, the rapper’s legal team contacted the FBI on Wednesday morning regarding the pics that recently popped up on a blog post, claiming Tyga sent them to a transgender model during a sexting session.

His attorney Lee Hutton says they alerted the feds because they believe the images were hacked — either from Tyga or someone with whom he intentionally shared the pics. TMZ reports that the photos are authentic — citing his tattoos as proof.

Hutton believes the person he sent them to  is trying to “maliciously shame” him by using the photos to manufacture a fake story. Hutton also believes the “transgender” part of the story is offensive, and a clear dig at his alleged girlfriend Kylie Jenner’s parent, Caitlyn Jenner.

Hutton says they’ve already obtained the email that was sent to multiple media outlets, including the blog that posted the story, and they’ve put a trace on it.

TMZ says it has contacted a rep for Mia Isabella, the model Tyga was allegedly texting despite being in a rumored relationship with Kylie. The rep says Mia had nothing to do with sending photos or text messages to the media, and is in fact willing to work with Tyga and the FBI to find the real suspect.

(We can’t show you the pics, but they are circulating online).

Tyga’s MTV reality show Kinging With Tyga debuts on July 24th at 11:30 p.m. ET

Tyga responded to the reports by posting a message  to his 6.8 million followers on Twitter.

And on Instagam he posted this:


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5 thoughts on “Rapper Tyga Asks FBI To Help Solve Penis Pic Leak

  1. specialt757 on said:

    Yeah, I can’t say for sure he’s lying but he sounds “suspect”. Just another dummy who photoed his penis for the “thrill”. And maybe he thought Mr/Ms transgender person was a born female. Some of them you can’t tell at all. Fellas watch out, you better get birth certificates, well unless you’re in to that, then it’s whatever.

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