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Dear Tom,

My dad is an incredible, god-fearing family man.  He is the primary caretaker of my mom who is disabled due a severe neck injury.  He was diagnosed with prostate cancer over a year ago and that hasn’t slowed him down one bit!

He still drives the church van, is on the usher board, as well as various other church duties. My father is also available to me and my siblings in any way he can be. I just recently divorced and had to start all over.  My father was there to help me financially and physically.

He just recently retired and it seems as though everything that could have went wrong has. The garage door won’t open, the icemaker in the refrigerator has gone out, and the dishwasher is on the fritz. Not to mention, repairs that have to be done on the guess bedrooms where me and my children lived for a few months during my transition. My father has yet to complain. I know that this is a financial burden to him due to the fact that my mom is unable to work and hasn’t worked in 10 years. I am not able to help him in ways that I would like to so I am asking, praying, begging that you be a blessing to my father to make life a little easier for the man that sacrifices so much of himself for others. Thank you.