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It’s Uncle Luke versus Uncle Sam. And Luke seems to be losing this battle. His property is being seized due to tax debt, according to the Jasmine BRAND.

He’s failed to pay more than $113,000 in federal taxes and the man slapped a tax lien on him.

The wildest member 2 Live Crew owes the IRS $39,131.35 from the 2013 tax season and another $74,741.32 from the year previous in 2012.

According to official documents, if he doesn’t start paying back his debt, the IRS is going to seize his property and assets.

IRS Hit List of Celebrity Tax Evaders
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5 thoughts on “Uncle Luke’s Property To Be Seized for Tax Debt

  1. Luthe Campbell on said:

    I have know problem showing my taxes payment checks you need to take this down write a retraction apologize our get sued.
    Luther Campbell

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