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SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) — The woman who resigned as president of the Spokane NAACP after her parents revealed she was white posing as black says there’s no proof they are her mother and father.

In an interview with NBC News on Tuesday night, Rachel Dolezal said she hasn’t had a DNA test and there’s no “biological proof” that Larry and Ruthanne Dolezal are her parents.

NBC’s Savannah Guthrie pointed out there’s a birth certificate that lists the Dolezals as her parents.

Rachel Dolezal responded that she can’t prove her parentage one way or another.

The uproar over her racial identity began last week after her parents said their daughter was white. For years, she publicly described herself as black or partly black and said on NBC’s “Today” show that she identifies as black.

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16 thoughts on “Rachel Dolezal: ‘No Biological Proof’ She Has White Parents

  1. Michael on said:

    You have to be very careful when interpreting stories planted by the main stream media.
    The main stream media, particularly in the USA, has a deplorable history of using these stories to teach the masses a lesson. In this case the lesson they are trying to teach is that they don’t want white women serving as advocates for people of color. Rachel Dolezal has been a strong and passionate advocate for human rights. Here is a woman who is focused on improving Criminal Justice & Public Safety, Health & Healthcare, Education, Economic Sustainability, and Voting Rights & Political Representation for people of color.

    Before you jump on the main stream media’s “attack Rachel” bandwagon, perhaps you stop, look and listen and understand that Rachel Dolezal is a human being who was fighting for YOU!

  2. Anae on said:

    What about Soledad O’Brien? For years she has called herself black, other times Afro Cuban, and most recently Cuban.

  3. Wake-Up on said:

    Those people are all strange! The Daddy, Momma and the daughter all act like they have a fetish for Blacks. They daddy on tv talking about “jaws droppin and eyes poppin in reference to her going to Howard and the look of shock on the Administration face to see she was not Black. Why would they “expect” her to be black and how did he know that? Didn’t her parents have to fill out and sign finanical aid papers for the school????? They all were pulling a scam. NO Honor amongst thieves!

  4. Tammy on said:

    This woman need to stop. She looks just like her mother and they showed the birth certificated. She has some serious issues.

  5. absolute on said:

    She has no more mental issues with her true identity than Bruce Jenner and many others to follow. She’s not mental because she chooses to be another race, ethnicity. Is she mental if she chooses to be a lesbian?

  6. psnthersdec on said:

    I have been reading everything about this case but yall remember when Taraji took her son outta USC and sent him to Howard and black folks went crazy asking why would she do that because her son will get a better education at USC as if Howard was garbage mainly because it as a HBCU. Now this white woman went to Howard/graduated and now all of a sudden Howard is a fine institution for education and no one is complaining about the quality of her education at Howard. So now Howard got good education points is now on the map worldwide and crossed over because Rachel Moore (a white woman) went there. A lot of black folks like myself are ROTFLMAO because Howard doesn’t need Rachel and continue to educate beautiful black minds without her. Am I the only one who noticed that.

  7. byeuvixen on said:

    I’m from New Orleans, LA and yes Black people have passed but ask anyone, who has experienced this whether participating or as someone on the outside looking in, what were the consequences. White folk didn’t take that as if it were a taste of honey Cher!

  8. Reflections on said:

    Who cares its her life. What we should be concerned with is the fact that over 515 american citizens have been killed by the police this year. “” How do we stop police violence? We have more to fear from the police than terrorist or ISIS. America’s big race lie: How big banks and racist policies helped shape segregation, police brutality
    White cops will still kill black teens until we have a radical change in everyone’s neighborhood
    WEDNESDAY, JUN 17, 2015 05:57 AM EDT

  9. Reflections on said:

    Who cares its her life. What we should be concerned with is the fact that over 515 american citizens have been killed by the police this year. “” How do we stop police violence? We have more to fear from the police than terrorist or ISIS.

  10. STOPTHEKILLINGS on said:

    so you can just say you identify as this or that, like Bruce Jenner identifies himself as a woman, and poof it’s a wrap? really. what would happen if there were lots of blacks who identify as white? would whites be ok with this? be who you are, who you were born to be, love the skin you are in. black people have had a hard struggle to be themselves and to except their dark skin, and nappy hair. this woman obviously has some real deep underlying issue. on the show the other day she never stated that yes she had lied to people, she even adopted some black children to give herself an extra edge. but honey, you really know nothing about the black experience for real. she is playing dress up and trying to trick people. you deny your own parents? what is really going on in that family. this just another look at some crazy sh… white people do to be noticed. #crazyisascrazydoes #thisaintnogame #lifelessons Maury says, :you are not a black woman”……

  11. This woman has some serious mental and emotional problems. It’s one thing to pretend to be of another race, (blacks have been passing for white since forever) but this woman is disowning her parents and she looks just like her mother.

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