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Rachel Dolezal.

Is she white?

Is she black?

She’s been quoted as saying she’s transracial; kind of like transgender ala Caitlyn Jenner.

Is that even possible?

Well, according to some psychologists, yes it is.

Dr. Wendy Walsh told me on my CNN show last night that during adolescence and college, crucial formative times, her experiences may have taught her that being white was a disadvantage and that being black was better.

“Race isn’t a color. It’s a culture.  And because she acculturated herself then she can feel black.”

Walsh says race is a social construct.

Alicia Walters, founder of Echoing Ida says it’s not possible because Dolezal has no understanding of the black struggle.


Walters – “She lived her entire life as a black person and decided one day that because I went to the white school, I understand black culture, I understand black history, how black people wear their hair, they know how to use the mannerisms we can just be a black woman.  Having the right hairstyle and know our history, thank you white people, more people should know our history. That does not make you black in this country.”

“Is that what she’s doing Dr. Wendy?

Walsh – “No.  What I hear you saying is that would be like me as a woman saying you know Caitlyn Jenner you were never sexualized as a young woman, you didn’t know what it was like to go out with all of those boys when you were young, you didn’t know what it was like to get your period at the wrong time and the wrong place.  I’m sorry Caitlyn Jenner you’re not a woman.  Well I don’t take that.  Caitlyn Jenner is a woman because she self-identifies as a woman and because that’s how she feels inside and we’re negating the good work that Rachel has been doing.”

Dolezal says she identifies as Black and not African American.

And Dr. Walsh says as a psychologist, that’s legit.

“Do you think that when Bruce Jenner says I am a woman I feel like a woman, his therapist said, you’re lying to me, come on I know you have a penis?  No she said how do you feel about this, what’s going on inside?  How we self-identify is different from how the world chooses to judge us. And I think judging this woman on how she chooses to self-identify rather than the work that she does and the good that she does in the world is unfair.”

People are mad at Rachel Dolezal.

But after all the discrimination she’s getting lately, I bet she knows what it’s like to be black now!