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Rachel Dolezal, president of the Spokecan, Washington chapter of the NAACP and Africana Studies professor, lied about being black for 10 years. Click on the audio player to hear more about this unfolding story on The Russ Parr Morning Show.

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3 thoughts on “White NAACP Chapter President Lied About Being Black For 10 Years [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

  1. Charity Dell on said:

    Rachel looks like millions of African-American women, so just because her parents say she is Czech or whatever, that does NOT mean there is no recent African ancestry in the family’s genetic lines! Many Euro-American families really do not know WHAT is in those DNA codes, and many families SUSPECT they MAY have African ancestry and consequently, refuse to get genetic testing. DNA always reveals the complex genetic history of all of us, and we all carry chromosomes that reach back to antiquity.

    Many of us African-Americans and Latinos also share European and Native American ancestry, so we often “look like” Europeans, Western Asians/Middle Eastern/Levantines, East Asians and Indigenous peoples of Oceania, the Caribbean and the Americas.

    In many Euro-American families, the rumored “Native American” ancestors are often people of African descent, or mixed Native/African/Indigenous descent. Ms. Dolezal IS correct that “EVERYONE is African”, since all humanity descended from Africans and came out of Africa at various times in ancient history.

    At any rate, if Ms. Dolezal and/or her parents test with DNATribes or another genetic testing company, they may have quite a few revelations that include recent African and/or Indigenous ancestry.

    The most important trait Rachel Dolezal has is empathy with people who have been historically disenfranchised and oppressed–and her activism is more important than her alleged “cover-up” of her ethnic ancestry.

  2. there are a lot of us that are not black Americans a lot of our peoples didn’t come from across the water at all so that means a lot us where already here before these other peoples came here as slaves from the other side of the world

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