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Lifetime Television's 'Megachurch Murder' Premiere Screening

Source: Tommaso Boddi / Getty

Master P and his family will be debuting their reality show in the fall. The show, entitled, Master P’s Family Empire, will give viewers insight on what life is like for the 48-year-old rapper and his five children, according to Yahoo.

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Master P’s children are Romeo (rapper/actor), 25, Veno, 22 (model), daughter Cymphonique, 18 (Nickelodeon and singer), and Hercy, 12, and Mercy. P’s goal is to keep his children humble and focused despite being in the entertainment industry and having grown up with money.

“The Kardashians are entertaining, but what we’re doing is positive entertainment, which is supposed to not be cool. With my family, we’re going to make it cool, because we’ve been cool our whole lives” he told Yahoo.

But um…was that lowkey shade aimed at the Kardashians?

Anyway, he added, “Whatever the stereotype of what a hip-hop family looks like, we’ll show them what it does look like.”

Sounds like T.I. and Co may get some competition. Master P’s Family Empire will debut on Reelz on November 28. And you know what, I will be watching. No shame at all.

Master P’s Family Empire Coming To Reality TV was originally published on hellobeautiful.com

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