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The actions of police officer Corporal Eric Casebolt at a pool party in McKinney, Texas have been dissected by over 5 million people, prompting an investigation by the McKinney Police Department.

Casebolt was placed on administrative leave after he was seen throwing and placing his knee into the back of an unarmed 14-year-old girl. Since the video went viral, the teen, Dajerria Becton, and Tatiana, the 19-year-old who threw the party, have spoken out about the incident and Casebolt’s aggressive behavior.

As an investigation continues into what happened between residents of a neighborhood in McKinney, here are some things you should know about the officer in question.

He served in the Navy for ten years before his career as a police officer. 

Before working for the McKinney Police Department, Casebolt, 40, served in the U.S. Navy from 1993 to 2003. From 2003 to 2005, he worked for the Texas Department of Public Safety as a state trooper. In August of that same year, he began working for McKinney police. Before moving to Texas, he was also employed in Oklahoma as a city police officer.

He was named “Officer of the Year” by the McKinney Police Department in 2008.
On his now deleted LinkedIn page, Casebolt states his Corporal position consists of line officer supervision, neighborhood patrol and community policing. He was also a police academy instructor.
He added the footage of him pinning down the teenager to his “Police Training” videos.

Casebolt deleted all of his social media accounts after the footage of the incident went viral, but managed to add the video to a now private YouTube playlist.

The Craig Ranch community has rallied behind Casebolt and his actions.

Many residents in the McKinney neighborhood believe Casebolt’s behavior was warranted. While many officers are seen in bystander Brandon Brooks’ viral video, Casebolt is the sole officer acting in an overzealous manner. Residents believe the partygoers started the encounter, while many teens claim White residents screamed for them to return to their “Section 8″ housing. The woman who threw the party was African-American and a resident of Craig Ranch.

The “Section 8″ comment has relevance in McKinney.

The history of the alleged comment made by the White residents in McKinney dates back to 2008. Inclusive Communities Project, a non-profit dedicated to improving the lives of low-income families, sued the city of McKinney in a discrimination lawsuit. The lawsuit claimed the city and the Housing Authority of the City of McKinney halted the development of public housing (primarily for Blacks and Latinos) on the city’s west side. The group claimed the city tried to promote segregation by changing the plans to build the area on the east side. The suit was eventually settled after the MHA agreed to service loans for up to 400 Low Income Housing Tax Credit units.

Casebolt is the vice president of the local police union.

Their Facebook page has been deleted, but it isn’t known if Casebolt has stepped down.

Racist actions were thrown towards Casebolt because of what he DIDN’T do.

Brandon Brooks, the teen who recorded the incident, told BuzzFeed Sunday Casebolt didn’t talk or demonstrate hostile behavior to the White teens who also attended the party and were standing around with the Black teens.

“I think a bunch of white parents were angry that a bunch of black kids who don’t live in the neighborhood were in the pool,” he said. “Everyone who was getting put on the ground was black, Mexican, Arabic. [The cop] didn’t even look at me. It was kind of like I was invisible.”

Casebolt also ordered 14-year-old Grace Stone to be handcuffed after she tried to explain to police how the pool party came about. Brooks and Stone are both White.



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25 thoughts on “Everything You Need To Know About McKinney Police Officer Eric Casebolt

  1. I get disappointed with these news stations CNN, Good Morning America, and others because if you didn’t see the video what they say would give you a mixed up picture or idea of what happened. Let put 3 things in prospective. 1. Like anyone in their right mind; Yes both Black and Whites wanted the police to bring order so they were called to response to a disturbance “involving multiple juveniles at the location. 2. No Black or Non-Racist Whites “Wanted” to see all Blacks kicked out or put down while the White boys with and among them went unharassed, because that is clearly racist on the part of the police. 3. The cop only made the others sit down, but that cop tried to force the girl down face first on the cement. And that’s when the tree women moved him in front and the two boys for from behind. But, that was the only time that cop was met with any resistance.
    If the judge, police head whoever don’t see and understand that. It’s time we all took to the streets, we need the UN. United Nations to step in because the only thing that’s going to stop this ‘Jack Booted Racist Brutality’ and Job Discriminationis is a revolution. #blackfolk

  2. absolute on said:

    It’s quite disturbing to see the learned behavior of so many young new generation white people that are evil, mean spirited, hateful and racist. People aren’t born racist, they’re taught to be that way from generation to generation period. It is what it is.

  3. That Officer lost control of himself, this is not acceptable by a person who is charged with maintaining control of a situation. He escalated the situation as he is the only person to brandish a weapon. If the other officers were interested in doing their jobs they would have arrested him, but alas the thin blue line etc… In general this Officer is a punk; roughing up a 15yrs girl, pulling a gun on some other children; maybe for an encore he’ll go the park and kick a few toddlers. Before you start defendant his officer take note that only he was being this aggressive; losing his cool; the other officers didn’t run around the street like a jack asses yelling conflicting commands. When America can open its eyes and see that some police officers are the perpetrators we will all be better off.

  4. the world now sees or know that police curse out black children then demand respect…how? the same (whites only / colored only) mentalitly still exist, the rules that police follow have not changed much just added black police that do not know they just helping whites not doing a justice for blacks. the black police care less about black society just acceptance by the white community to keep a job and be seen as a equal by doing the same or worse as white police. no police see the next police as out of control, thats amazing when they all gather to support each other when one hopefuly or more is found to be out of
    control (deny someone rights, kill unarmed individuals, and their own rules you must follow). police are fearful for they life but do not care for other lives they wear steel toe boots, gun, taser, steel baton to strike with, mace, and body armor facing unarmed
    indivduals. its illegal for the public to dress up safely like police to walk the streets. dressed for war on citizens and you need to feel like they are helpful.

  5. the two videos posted showed whites involved in fighting but not shown the police treating them like animals as they did the black children. whites are presumned innocent or victims while black children are harrassed and jailed by racist police who do not see their race as the problem. the police never went towards the whites who stood by a car and enjoyed the show. all the whites in the video are standing or walking scolding the black children but never point out the mother and daughter that were involved also in fighting, leaving out important information is what gives police blind justice to continue to be bias like if they need any reason. police do not listen to black complaints and blacks tune out police issues. stop, listen, and learn before you react. police are trained to go after blacks and respect white citizens. the police just want to feel on black male muscular asses and get a thrill, i know. that is the reason i fly ask them.

    • It was the black kids that were being resistive not the white kids and is the reason the officers attention was towards the black kids. I didn’t see any white kids approaching the officer in a threatening way and I didn’t see any white kids yelling racial slurs to the officers. The only thing racial about it was what the blacks made it – racial.

  6. bajajim on said:

    Black or white does not matter in this case because the cop was plainly overzealous and had no business drawing his gun on unarmed teenagers. Then the coward throws a teen girl to the ground while spouting obscenities at the crowd.This cop needs cob needs to be retrained or fired. This is not how you gain cooperation and respect from the citizens you have sworn to protect and serve. Bullying and profanity seldom gain respect and cooperation rather they cause anger, hate and resentment.

  7. absolute on said:

    These type of awful reactions by white police officers to black people, male/female/young/old is a illistration of the hate they have for black people. And to see those two big fat white grown women beating up the the 19 year old black girl was horrifying! Why didn’t they get arrested for assault?

  8. absolute on said:

    We all saw the video and seeing how Casebolt reacted was horrible! WTH was the acrobatic stunt all about, he looked like a damn fool acting as if he was in combat! What is it with the police over reacting when they get a dispatch call to responding to black people in a crowd? We didn’t see any of that foolishness during that bikers riot; shooting, stabbings, homicides, chain whipped, brass knuckles whipped, pistol whipped, didn’t see any riot gear or police tactifal force moves during that riot.

  9. Maybe when the hoodrats stop acting like animals and try to become functioning members of society they wont be treated and looked at like………….well animals.

  10. What do they mean by stating the pool is closed for “treatment?”. I assume it is a ” dog whistle” code to state they are “cleaning” the pool because black people were in it. How sad. White America has a serious sickness – and it’s called hate, evilness, and jealousy of black people.

  11. Also John:

    If anyone has behaved in “animal-like” behavior, it is “white folks” because of their savage treatment of black people, kidnappings, lynchings, rapes, and too many other atrocities to name. And don’t forget the behavior of the Mafia, Cliven Bundy, the Kennedys (bootlegging), and Whitey Bulger’s criminal activities in America!

  12. John:

    You know the truth in reference to the history of America dating back to the Indians and slavery; however, you pretend to have amnesia. Violence in America started with white people who forced black people to build America, because white people were too lazy and trifling to do work. In addition, it is white people who brought the drugs and guns in America, and it is out of control.

  13. Linda on said:

    John-FYI Black folks do not or did not bring DRUGS to this country-our own government is the biggest KINGPIN out here!!!!

    Sounds to me like you have already fed into the stereotypes about people of color!

    Contrary to ignorant White folks beliefs–all Black folks are not violent, savages. Some of us are employed, lead quiet respectable lives and pay our taxes.

    So tired of all this damn HATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Williams on said:

    BAW rarely gets the facts correct. They are so busy trying to be biased that the truth is never investigated. For BAW it is all about the FAM, nothing else matters.
    I live in the Dallas area and facebook is lit up with peoples first hand reports of what happened here. Some are from kids at the party. Some are from residence that live near the pool. After reading through them all I will bring you what first hand reports are said about this. Without being misled by the media.
    The party was advertised on Twitter and facebook. They were charging $15 to come to the party. This is actually something that this group does all the time. So it wasn’t the first time they have done this. It wasn’t a innocent planned pool party. It was in fact a rave like party set up by this group that does it all the time. They choose a pool. Set up a DJ next to the pool. Charge money and tell kids where to go using social networking. They even tell kids how to avoid security getting into the events.
    So hundreds of teens showed up. They were cursing, drinking, and smoking pot. They were being rude to residents that lived there and were yelling racial slurs at the residents. They couldn’t do anything about the DJ or party because it was in a public space next to the pool.
    The security were at the pool keeping the kids out. Then the kids started to assault the security guard and were jumping over the fence to get into the pool. A mother at the pool was trying to remove here children from the situation and was walking them across the parking lot to their car. A young teen girl went to the woman from behind and attacked her first by pulling her hair down. Leaving the three young children running towards their car.
    This is when the police were called out.
    BAW you should be ashamed of yourself for not investigating this first. You should know that the media lies to get ratings. But I guess it wouldn’t be a story for you unless these kids were targeted for no other reason than for being black. After all black skin should be a crime and black lives matter. In the last three days 40 blacks have lost their lives in chicago alone. I don’t see you doing a story on that.
    All the racist that come to BAW will hate what I had to write here. But it is the truth. On Saturday night some black teens returned to the area and kicked in doors, looted homes and even stole a truck then crashed it into several cars. The news didn’t report any of this Monday morning. But why should they. That is a non story.
    What a shame.

    • Lynn on said:

      Technically speaking Williams, you still do NOT know the facts because you were still reading social media. How about you PERSONALLY knowing someone who lives in that neighborhood who PERSONALLY witness AND heard what was going on. I don’t care what color you are, there was no reason for that man to slam that child down on the ground and PLANT BOTH of his knees into her back and stay that way for the length of time that he did. She did not once run up on him or present ANY TYPE of violence towards him. That video in and of itself was damning and showed an out of control cop who needs to be fired and not on PAID administrative leave that’s going to result in him not losing his job and the entire situation thrown to the backwoods. As long as white cops continue to get off with what they are doing to Black people, things will continue to go straight to hell in a hand basket and there will NEVER be any justice! And there will continue to be race relation problems because as of right now, I’m sure there are plenty of Blacks who definitely DO NOT trust white cops especially when they are stopped for whatever reason because you just NEVER know when YOU might be on the receiving end of their gun EVEN if you AREN’T guilty of anything

      • lynn,did u kno an African America girl gave that party? if u can’t handle a 15 yar old in a swim suit,u are in the wrong dam job,why has this man been to so many departments too work.when god destroys this ungodly place,where in the hell will u end up?

  15. Not the White Fear Card, AGAIN! on said:

    Certainly makes sense from an incestuous, all pedophile’s welcome, domestic violence encouraged trailer park white think tank, LOL

  16. john on said:

    People dont hate Blacks because they’re black, people hate Blacks because they are a Scourge of Drugs, Crime and Obnoxious animal-like behavior.

    Blacks violently reinforce any negative stereotypes attributed to them

    • donald on said:

      EBB said it best: you pretend to have amnesia. Violence in America started with white people who forced black people to build America, because white people were too lazy and trifling to do work. In addition, it is white people who brought the drugs and guns in America, and it is out of control.

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