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… practicing inversions- headstands, handstands, forearm balance, etc. Plus sized practitioners are invariable concerned about injuring their head and neck while inverted. While it’s true that the spine and neck are very fragile and should be protected from holding excess weight, neck and head protection should be a concern for ALL yoga practitioners, regardless of size. When inverting, it’s much more important to strengthen the core and shoulders so that your spine, head, and hands don’t collapse under improper weight distribution. Therefore, size is not an actual obstacle when inverting- the only real obstacle is negative body language and image. Besides, there are tons of modification options for inverting a larger body, from the Iyengar rope wall to aerial yoga. There are options- don’t let your size hold you back from the physical and emotional freedom of being upside down.

5. If someone wanted to be a yogi like you, what would be the first 3 steps you would tell them?

1: Stop talking shit about your body. I mean it. It’s the hardest step, and the most necessary.

2: Don’t stress out about the amount/time/place you practice yoga- find a way to fit yoga into your life as it is RIGHT NOW, as opposed to trying to adopt a new lifestyle.

3: Yoga is about much more than physical health- open your eyes to a world that extends beyond Western media beauty standards.

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