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Eddie Levert has seen both pain and triumph in his life. The legendary soul singer, now 73, tragically lost both of his sons, Gerald and Sean Levert some years ago. Levert is heading to the Newark Symphony Hall for a  performance of Baby Hold On To Me on Friday, May 29 at  8 p.m., which pays tribute to Gerald. The show will encompass Gerald’s songs and memories of his life.

But even in the midst of paying tribute to Gerald, Eddie says there’s been some drama behind the scenes.

” If you don’t include everybody in the family, you get a lot of flack from these people. Everybody thinks they deserve to get paid, too, ” Eddie says. “You have all these people involved in their lives and Gerald’s lives and in his estate, you’ve got to clear everything so his kids can get paid for it. I’ve been catching heck. My daughter stopped speaking to me because I did the play, but her mom OK’ed the play so I thought it was OK to do it. Now they want to hang me. You know, B.B. King’s kids, James Brown’s kids, it just goes on and on.”

The Levert family has certainly had its share of talented singers. And now, Eddie says, there’s a new generation of Levert performers. Eddie’s youngest daughter, now 13, is singing and performing as well.

“She’s preparing herself now. Her mom is doing everything she can to keep her down. She’s got the whole thing. She’s got whole attitude and the expressions and all of that. I just did a new CD, and we did a song called “Stupid People.” That’s her title. Me and her wrote it and I put it on my CD. We’re talking about how people are running around shooting each other and doing all these crazy things.”

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For tickets to Baby Hold On To Me at Newark Symphony Hall, click HERE. 

For tickets to Baby Hold On To Me at New York’s Beacon Theater, Saturday night at 8 p.m., click HERE. 

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